Friday, January 8, 2010

giving you what you want =)

i knew i could count on ya'll for some inspiration....and you don't even have to wait for 3 separate posts to get answers! it's gonna be one big time, humongous post....about me. get ready for a WHOLE lot of hayley =)

michelle wanted to know about my life on a daily basis.

i'm REAL boring. i wake up at 8:15, or 8:30 every morning (depending on if its a shower morning or not...i wash my hair every other day, so those days take longer). then it's pour over my closet, hating it all...and finding an outfit anyways. makeup, accessories, then downstairs for coffee and packing my lunch.

off to work by 9am...then i'm in the newsroom from 9:15-6:15 every day. i produce 2 shows on our abc it's a lot of writing, and craziness.

i get home about 6:30, get attacked by our 2 dogs, who are now competing every day to who can slobber on mom the most. then i usually catch up with the hubs, until we figure out whether we want to cook or get takeout. then we chill on the couch, watching tv and reading or playing around on the internet until 11, when we go upstairs for bed. then it all starts over!

erin asked 5 weird things about me...OR five things i do when i'm home alone. i'll give you both.

1. i taught myself how to say the alphabet backwards. i can still do it. really fast.
2. i am TERRIFIED of eels. i hate hate hate them...and it's NOT because of "the little mermaid", i;m actually cool with flotsam and jetsam (yes, i know their names...NERD!).
3. i have an unhealthy obsession with note cards. even though i never send mail much.
4. i am super superstitious...i knock on wood all the time, when people put bad things into the universe.
5. i can pick stuff up with my toes. they're long like fingers. my friends make fun of me.

1. i pee with the bathroom door open. just cuz i can.
2. if i have to take a shower....i'll turn on music and get ready dancing around in my jeans and bra.
3. i try on clothes i have...just to see how they still look if i haven't worn them in awhile.
4. sometimes, i'm a terrible mom and don't let the dogs out for awhile when i'm alone...i just like hayley time.
5. i never clean on my own.

and summer wants a little peek inside my favorite very martha =)
book: little women, and the little prince.
movie: can't hardly wait, disney's cinderella, and enchanted.
recipe: buttermilk biscuits from my grandmother....even though it's not really a recipe.
restaurant: i don't think i can pick. I LOVE FOOD.
song: not sure i can pick ONE, cuz i love music....but "don't stop believin" in ALL forms will always make me happy....and "when the stars go blue" will always remind me of my husband, and our wedding day...and when we fell in love.
season: winter for the wardrobe, fall for the sports, summer for my birthday.
moment: i loved every moment of my wedding, and my proposal...but i think my very favorite moment is the night a bunch of friends were having a sleepover...and Nate and i went outside...and i was freezing so i hugged him to put my arms inside his coat, my head on his chest. and he whispered "je t'aime." it means "i love you" in was about 2 weeks after we started dating, a month after we met. i got a catch in my chest...because i knew i loved him too. and that my WHOLE life was changing in THAT moment.
color: hot. pink. like obnoxious girly hot pink. it's
number: i love 9. it's my birthday day.

thanks for the inspiration ladies, hope i didn't disappoint!


Michelle and Mikey said...

Love your favorite moment. So adorable!

KLaw said...

What a beautiful story! I love it!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love all of your faves! love all of the answers!

Erin said...

Very cute!