Friday, July 2, 2010

it's not what it looks like....

hi, my name is hayley....and i am a compulsive snacker. a handful of chips here, a couples grabs from the popcorn bag there, 12 jellybeans just for something sweet....i do it all.

plus, i have snack ADD....hence why i have like 3 things, instead of 1.

but usually...if i get portioned-out things, i'll only have 1 of whatever it is. don't ask me why it makes a difference in my head....but it does.

and i now have one of my favorite things waiting for me in my freezer, that will hopefully keep my snacking under control....but i'm gonna warn might laugh.

banana babies!!!! these bad boys are tiny little nuggets of frozen banana deliciousness, covered in milk or dark chocolate (yes, i got both).

but see.....every time i have one....i also can't stop thinking like a 10 year old boy.

because you see it right?? you get what i'm giggling at?

alright, for the cleaner minded of you....IT LOOKS LIKE A WANG.

a tiny chocolate penis on a stick.

the worst/best part? the first time i had these was at work....where we literally spent 15 minutes making inappropriate jokes about eating these.

that's what she said.

anyone else have an adolescent male sense of humor sometimes??


Salt said...

That is the most phallic dessert I've seen in a long time! I totally share that adolescent sense of humor.

I will just have to take your word for it that they are good. I'm allergic to banana. :(

Freck said...

Hahaha!! Omg I've had these and they're so fugging good. Drool. Enjoy!

jen.nemeth said...

haha when I saw the preview to this post on my blogger homepage I literally said to myself, "well that looks like an interesting blog post." Too funny. I don't think one can ever grow out of the "that's what she said" jokes.

Anonymous said...
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Jules said...

i loooove those things! regardless of the jokes that always come along with them (=

Ashley said...

I can't help but snack all the time is addicting! :)

hahaha that is so funny about your new "little boy" banana treats! I would probably be thinking the same thing too.