Friday, July 23, 2010

made it a month into the season...

before i wind up looking like THIS.

that's right ladies, my thursday afternoon of pooltime with my girls turned into the first sunburn of the season!! NOT actually, since my skin feels like it's about 150 degrees. i'm hoping my arms and legs turn a little tan...or at least not MORE freckly...but we shall see.

and so, what's a girl to do when she's slathering on aloe lotion like it's going out of style??

shop for boots. duh.
okay, so technically i was just on and saw these....they're supposed to be dark grey...and i kinda LOVE them. but are they too hardcore? the buckles are good because i gots the skinniest legs EVER....and i'd be able to cinch those bad boys to my scraawny stems.

so is july too soon to by boots i won't be able to wear until AT LEAST october??

also...i NEED help figuring out if i love or hate this dress.

i love the banding under the boobs...but does the ruched part make the ladies look smaller?? i don't like that....

it comes in about a katrillion colors, and it's only $30, with free shipping...with tights and boots and a peacoat, it'd be cute for fall..AND i can wear it with flip flops or sandals right now.

help a sister out, the hubs already said i could buy it...but now i'm all confused!!


Salt said...'s weird. I love that dress when it's shown on the model, but not when it's just hanging there with no one in it.

I'm torn.

One thing I know for sure though is that I wouldn't want to run into that lobster in a dark alley. I hope your sunburn feels better!

KLaw said...

That outfit would be fantastic!! Those boots? I die! Go for it.

Hope your sunburn feels better soon. Lots of aloe!

Sonya said...

It looks fine on the model, however it wouldn't look like that one me...not enough to fill it out! I think the top would be better if it weren't gathered like that. It would be a cute outfit!

bananas. said...

i dunno about the dress but i will say those boots are FAB. i don't listen to no stinkin rules...i buy boots when i see them and when i love them ALL YEAR ROUND!

now keep slathering yourself with need to look good when you take pictures of yourself in your new kicks ;)

have a killer weekend lady!

The Pink Chick said...

I like the dress on the model, but I don't like it when it is pictured hanging. If the shipping is free, I would say order it and try it out. Where is the dress from?

淑娟淑娟淑娟 said...
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dawsonfelicia張君dawsonfelicia均 said...
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PeriodicBrilliance said...

Definately buy the boots. And I get the feeling that the dress is one of those crazy ones that looks awful on the hanger but super cute when you wear it. And if the girls do look too small in it just buy one of those new, super push-up bras from La Senza or Victoria's Secret.

brooke said...

get the boots GET THE BOOTS!!! but don't you dear wear them over jeans until at LEAST the end of septemeber/'re an in real life friend now...i CAN track you down and tell you these things! hahahaha!!!

JMay said...

Those boots are awesome and def. not too hard core, I have them myself. DSW? :-)

They are comfortable too!