Monday, July 5, 2010

our 4th of july was way too hot

and i'm not talking about the temps....although it was hovering above 90 most of the day.

i'm talking about coming home from running errands about 4:30pm on sunday, and seeing a weird dark spot on the far end of our front yard. so we go to inspect....and find THIS.
please tell me you wouldn't freak out?! then...our next door neighbor calls us over and says she can tell us what happened.

turns out, our catty-corner neighbors (two houses down and across the street, who we not-so-affectionately call the pyros because they drag their COUCH outside and burn things in a fire barrel) were shooting fireworks IN THE AFTERNOON, and one might have gotten away from them....

and not only did they burn our yard in two places.....they didn't say a damn word about it!!! only reason the neighbor knew is because her son was leaving her house and saw them trying to put it she came out and told them they needed to be careful.

these kids are hoodlums...always walking up and down our street, or walking their bikes, or riding the lawnmower. seriously...punks. so the hubs decides to cut the front yard right then and there so we can use the sprinkler and hose it down before night time, big time fireworks start.

and the trio of upstanding citizens WALKS RIGHT BY OUR YARD. they make eye contact with both of us...and still don't say a word.

so the hubs is crazy pissed at this point....but we go inside. about 45 minutes go by, and we decide to talk the dogs outside.


so, what's a frustrated couple with a burnt-up yard to do?!
you're damn right, we CALLED. THE. COPS. cuz that's how we burn our yard and then don't say anything to sorry, no what can we do, no nothing. so when it happens again....we get the law involved.

the officer was super nice, told us he couldn't arrest them (which we knew), but he did tell them that if sued them, since they're juveniles, we'd sue their parents...and made the boys get their dad from inside so he could talk to him too. it was awesome.

anybody else have an eventful holiday??


Sonya said...

That is horrible! But it must have been so satisfying to call the cops! I would have been really mad too especially when they could have damaged more than just grass!

bananas. said...

oh hells no! i would've gone ghetto on their asses. what a bunch of heathens!

Salt said...

I would have called the cops too! Those jerks deserve it! I cannot believe they lit your yard on fire. And who the hell sets off fireworks in the middle of the afternoon anyway? What is the point? I'm glad they didn't burn down your house!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh! this is ridiculous! I would've called the cops too! go you!

a.p. said...

well geesh! sounds like you've got yourself some decent neighbors! NOT! we've got some just down the street from us that were doing pretty much the same thing. they were lighting off illegal fire works and i swear they were going to blow someone's house up!

happy 4th. :)