Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the pieces of my birthday suit

no, NOT the nudie bits...sorry for all of you hoping for a sneak peek of the goodies...but that biznass doesn't go on the internets.

nope, i'm talking about the goodies i BOUGHT for my birthday, courtesy of mama. she loves me ya know =)

well, she wanted to buy me a pair of shoes....TWIST MY ARM MOM, GEEZ. she knows how much i haaaaate shoes.

lo and behold, macy's wants to make my birthday dreams come true, with these beauties i've had my eye on for MONTHS.

i do not know why they look TEENSY in my hand...i wear a size 10. i'm no tiny-footed gal. i'd fall over.

but anyways...aren't they the prettiest?!
here they are on my feet, with jeans...so. dang. cute. can't wait to wear them year round...i think they'll be FAB with a black sweater and my pink peacoat!!

so mom has a coupon for $10 off $30....thought these were $35, but they rang up $25. so we go searching for something else...and boy do i find it.
sorry for the blurry pic....but isn't this cardi fun?! LOVE the coral color, and the bright flowers....for $25, i figured it was a steal. $50 for a pair of shoes and a sweater?? heck yes.

except when we took it to ring it up....IT WAS SEVEN DOLLARS. SEVEN. so with mom's coupon....both were $23. SO. SICK. i swear, i learned every deal shopping skill i have from my mother.

mama also paid for my haircut, which you can see in this photo....
oh that's right, i'm also showing off my KICKASS new cropped cream bomber. this thing is SICK. also.....REALLY hot in july, so i had to try it on, snap a pic, and then take it off asap.

i am basically obsessed with this thing, and don't even care that it's an XXL cuz it's from the juniors dept and made for teeny little small boobied girls.

because for $30, it looks pretty close to real leather, not cheapy at all....this will sit in my closet til fall, looking TOO fierce. it also comes in black and cognac, which i SOOO wanted but i already have a jacket that color, and the cream was too great to pass up.

so some of you need to go get the other colors so i can live through you, k??


Mrs. Prepperoni said...

That jacket is presh, Hayles. Looks like the Tarjay one I got 2 years ago that I get compliments on EVERY time I wear it.
Except Delaney is going to hinder my cute bomber wearing ability.

Salt said...

LOVE that cardigan!! So cute and colorful. And those shoes are fantastic.

capperson said...

I'm REALLY REALLY loving the shoes and cardigan!! Can your mommy take me shopping too? jk Cute buys though!

Anonymous said...


bananas. said...

You're so cute! I loooooove the cardi on you. It's so retro 60's ish...but in a modern and fabulous kinda way.

And the shoes...perfect! They look comfy too.