Monday, July 26, 2010

whining is good for a monday right?

who'd have thought that even unemployed mondays will get me super annoyed?! here is a short list of the completely stupid things that bothered me today::

1. the girl in front of me in line at hobby lobby. WHY OH WHY do girls think messy, barely done ponytails look okay?! like....pulled it back, wrapped the holder around twice about halfway down the tail, and just left it. off to the side no less. YOU LOOK INSANE. fix your hair.

2. the girl i saw at the mall, with the "don't you wish your girlfriend was TAN like me" t-shirt on. really?? REALLY?! i wanted to stop her and say "does your boyfriend have one that says 'don't you wish your girlfriend had skin cancer like mine does"

3. chipping nail polish. i busted out the essie mint candy apple last the color, but i've already got a chip on my right-hand pinkie. ANNOYING. i also hate sheet marks...but ALWAYS get them, even with like 60 minutes of drying time before bed.

4. the way my new vitamins make my burps taste weird (tmi? maybe...)

5. HOW MOTHER EFFING HOT IT IS. seriously...i don't like sweating. and my face starts dripping buckets every freaking time i leave the house.

6. the fact that my dog TURNED OFF MY WI-FI on my laptop...and the fact that it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to fix it. is just too much.

7. speaking come i can't find a mint green phone case?!

8. feeling guilty about spending when the hubs is the only one working....even though i found a KILLER cream colored "leather" jacket today. and yes...that would make 2.

i can't be the only one with annoyances at the beginning of the tell me, what's getting your goat?!


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Freck said...

Totally cool to whine on a Monday. You can whine about the stupid spam that commented before me. I would whine about the things you put too!

Amy Lynn said...

awww... tomorrow will be better. It's not Monday, it's GOTTA be better! lol... I hate sheet marks too, but I found this super awesome top coat that gives you that how the hell do they do that nail salon quick dry effect. You HAVE to try it! Seche Vite dry fast top coat. I got mine at CVS, but this is it. -

And make sure it's the dry fast top coat, cuz the other tops are NOT the same.

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm incredibly amused by the "don't you wish your girlfriend was tan like me" shirt--ummm, seriously? What kind of person sees that shirt in a store and thinks "I want THAT shirt, cause that's what I want people to think when they see me!" Bless her heart.

Cecelia Winesap said...

The tan thing... definitely. I hate when people brag about being tan.

Salt said...

*waves chipped nailpolished hand around*
Over here. Yeah I'm having the same problem. I'm about to do a repaint today, but for now it looks like I stuck my hand in the garbage disposal.

KatherineBee said...

I just got the OPI Axxium manicure that stays on for 2 weeks and I'm really impressed - it's nice to have light colored, non-chipped nails for once!