Tuesday, May 4, 2010

put your hand DOWN little steve!

first off....bonus points if you know what the post title is from. but it's okay if you don't =)

this one's gonna be about shoes...and how i should never be allowed in the shoe dept. in macy's because being surrounded by so many pretties will inevitably lead me nowhere good.
like these. aren't they prettttyyyyyy???? they had them sitting out, the blue ones, magenta ones and yellow ones all in a row....like little gorgeous suede soldiers waiting to come home with me.

side note:: a coworker has on the yellow ones today...and part of me wants to tell her they're cute. and part CANNOT condone the rest of her outfit...which includes a too-dress ruffly black dress, a yellow cardigan THAT I HAVE AND WEAR BETTER, about 5 chain bracelets, big mesh dangle earrings, two big rings, and a necklace that looks like yellow laquered triangles.

she apparently has NO clue you shouldn't wear every accessory that MIGHT match an outfit at the same time...even if none of it goes together.

also, she's a bitch.

mkay, moving on....so i love the blue shoes. we got that. but then....i see something else. a gorgeous nude shoe, suede with a shiny heel, peep toe with a little weaving in the front...sounds great right?? i thought so too...so i looked them up when i got home.

tell me i don't need these on my feet like....yesterday. maybe 2 days ago.

i am OBSESSED. and the best part?? all of....wait for it.....$50. steve madden, why do you taunt me so?! i know i've tried to be good lately...but i get paid next week. and i REALLLLLLYYYYY want these shoes. how hot would they be with a grey dress? or jeans a turquoise top?

it's gonna be a long wait to next tuesday ya'll.....but these MUST be mine.


Pippy said...

So cute!

I can't wait to wear heels again without feeling like my legs are going to pop off like a barbie doll.

brooke said...

um.i need those top suede shoes in magenta like NOW!!!! oh my goodness woman why did you tell me?!?!

and seriously your coworker needs to learn the rule of looking in the mirror and removing two items (or in her case an entire ensemble!)...because whoa!!!

and yeah those last shoes....ugh! way cute!!!! love me some steve!!!

KLaw said...

Swoon! Those shoes. Died.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love the shoes, and I'll take the yellow, but I won't bother with the plastic jewelry, and the cardigan that"you wear better."

I have the perfect navy suit to wear them with.

Wear that!

bananas. said...

it should be a crime when people where great shoes with the wrong outfit. those serial matchers, as i call them, you know the ones that must match EVERYTHING to their shoes, are horrible.

the boy used to be that way until little miss, being me, helped a boy out :)

get the shoes. period.

Elizabeth said...

shoes are my ultimate weakness in life. seriosuly. lol.
but those blue ones are gorgeous!


capperson said...

I'm in love with both!! And yes you certainly do need those shoes :)

miss lucille said...

hey, i'm new to your blog. first post i read though had me laughing! you are hilarious! - i also love shoes so... i think we'll get along quite nicely. have a stupendous day.

Claire Kiefer said...

I made the mistake of entering a Steve Madden store a couple weeks ago, and $90 later walked out with a pair of amazing black suede 5 inch heels (actually, the very same shoe that you love in blue) with little metallic studs all over them! SO CUTE.

Kristin said...

Yellow and grey. YES! LOVE! And I have those blue suede SM bad boys. I adore them!