Monday, May 17, 2010

i need more baggage

as in purses. i need a new one. big time. the outside of my beloved giant green melie bianci or whatever the heck it is is in good condition...but the inside is another story. i should have thought through the whoel satin lining thing....the pocket for my phone has come almost all the way unstitched...because it's satin. and my blackberry is heavy. plus, there's a HUGE hole where seam used to be....and, i'm just kinda in the mood for a new bag. i've had mine for more than a year...and that's saying something for me.

i'm also a bright purse kind of girl...i hate brown and black purses. for me at least. like them for other people, but i'm a freak and if i'm wearing brown, carrying a black purse...i hate it. same for the opposite. but brown and a color purse? fine. same with black.

so i've been browsing...and my girl jessica simpson is on her bright colored purse game lately.

i love both of these bags! well...i guess technically i love this bag in 2 colors...before i got my green purse, i had a yellow one, and LOVED it. not sure about the longer shoulder drop of this bag...but the shape is TO. DIE. FOR.
this is basically the same...but bigger. and considering i have about 4000 lip glosses at any given time...bigger might be better. but at what point does it become TOO big? when you can carry an infant in your purse? steal a ham from the grocery store?
and i kinda love this turquoise color's hard to see, but it's got a snakeskin print on it. and i dig thr hardware....but it would be heavy. on it's own. which was the downfall of my beloved nine west doctor bag that weighed A TON AND A HALF totally empty. gah.
so which is your fave? or do you have another kind of purse you can't live without? help a girl find her dream bright hobo!


Tina said...

Love the tequoise purse!

Salt said...

I am loving that green one. I actually just saw a bag the other week at Urban Outfitters that was just that same shade of green and I was thisclose to buying it.

I had no idea that J Simp had such cute bags!

Bekkah said...

If you like bright color bags I've gotten a few from Biejo that were super cute. They have some great shapes and great color selection. My mom just got me a new one for my birthday and I'm in love.

brooke said...

mmmm!! YES!!! i love bright colored bags too...and gray...but yeah i am with you...the only black bag i have is my clutch and i love it for when i need to tie in my black accessories...but outside of that i cannot have an everyday black or brown bag!

i am gonna be heading over to pursona soon cause i am in need!!!

but always love me some jessica! she just gets it right!!! well...most of the time!

miss lucille said...

okay so if you've had that purse for over a year you are WAY over-due for a new one... my purses last 1 year in purse years which is about 30 days in human years. that's not to say they wear and tear easily i just... HAVE TO HAVE A NEW ONE. all. the. time.

so my all time favorite bag (that i still revert back to every 3 months or so) is a bright red guess bag that i got for like $40. deal! i love it. its huge, bright, and the pockets inside (which is something i'm very picky about) are puuuuurfect.

i love all those bags! don't make me choose one!

bananas. said...


and yes i just yelled at you because if you don't get it, I WILL! hahaha!

i'm okay with a black or brown bag, as long as it's alexander wang or gucci (my a. wang is black and my gucci is brown). can you say SNOB ALERT!

but really, get the bag. it will look great on you.

ps. are those sweet potato fries i see below???

Laura said...

I need a new bag! I usually can score an amzing one at Marhsalls, it's definitely time for an upgrade! yellow is my fave :)


Claire Kiefer said...

I'm drawn to metallic purses, usually . . . a muted gold or silver or copper. I like 'em big as well . . . they need to be able to tote around my books and a journal and god knows what else. Usually I check Urban Outfitters and/or TJ Maxx, and sometimes places like Nordstrom Rack. good luck!

Jennifer said...

have you ever been to a CharmingCHARLIE? They have amazing purses, jewelry, clothes and shoes . . . check them out :) and perfect prices to switch out colored purses to your hearts desire!