Wednesday, May 19, 2010

does this make him a cradle robber?

this picture cracks me up every time i see it. what's with the creeper stare there hubs?? is my beloved Nate's 28th birthday!!!!! for 6 weeks...he's 2 years older than me. which i give him crap about 24/7.

so, in honor of my husband's day of birth...i fully intend to make you read through 28 reasons why he's the best guy i know =)

1. he lets me be me. ridiculous voices, stupid jokes, way too many "that's what she said"s, teary eyes at tv shows, stressed when i don't need to

2. he's a better son than he should be. calls his mom and talks to her when she does nothing but offer a passing interest in his life.

3. he has never let past mistakes dictate his future. i can hardly imagine the man he says he was before we met...but i know i love the real him now.

4. he takes our dogs out every morning and at lunch.

5. he's taller than me, so i can wear all the heels i want.

6. he never makes me take the trash out, because he knows i hate it.

7. he spoils me =)

8. he does funny dances to cheer me up if i'm having a bad day. which are really terribly bad.

9. he STILL wants to kick my douchey ex-boyfriend's ass. even though our breakup lead to us being together. it's still awesome.

10. he always makes coffee....our complex machine is too much for this girl.

11. he's a computer WHIZ. everyone we know calls him/us to get problems fixed.

12. he's turned out to be quite the handyman, and it's awesome seeing him finish a project that he's proud of.

13. he is smarter than he realizes, more driven than anyone i know, and just puts his nose to the grindstone and works. because it's what he does. now if only someone would pay him what he's worth....

14. he looks DAMN good in a tux.

15. he is pop-culturally stupid. which provides me endless when "hypnotize" was on the radio, and i said "RIP biggie" and he said "oh, is that who sings this?".

16. he pretty much let me do whatever i want for our wedding.

17. he's become a part of my family...i think my mom might actually love him more than me. she's all "ooh, nate do you want a soda? a snack?"...."oh, hey hales. get your own foods."

18. he is going to be an AMAZING father one day.

19. he tells me my nails are pretty when i paint them.

20. most of the time...he pumps my gas for me. i'll go sometimes and do it myself because i make him do it so much.

21. he always holds my hand when we're out shopping.

22. he gets into my girly shows with me, and i watch his nerdy boy shows with him. it all evens out.

23. he lets me dress him...good lord, the boy was rocking polos and button-downs from HIGH SCHOOL when we met. no sir.

24. he can eat more food than anyone i've ever seen. it's kind of unbelievable how it all fits in his little skinny frame.

25. he doesn't drink, so he's always the DD when a bunch of us go out. it's kinda great =)

26. he's made my friends' husbands into his best friends....but they really do get along, they'd probably be friends without their wives being close.

27. he tries to pretend to be street...but he's a total goober in real life. and he's mostly a goober with me =)

28. he's mine. ALL MINE.

bonus...he dances with my mom....



Salt said...

Awwww! This is so sweet! Happy happy birthday to your hubs. He sounds like a great guy...creepy stare or not. :)

meredith said...

aww, so cute! happy birthday to him!!

if two years makes him a cradle robber, then my bf DEFINITELY is! haha

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

darlin! happy bday, hubs!

he spoils me and holds my hand when we are out shopping. love those two the best!

bananas. said...

those are some damn good reasons to love your man! and hell yes i read all 28! know why? because i knew i would love him too after reading them. don't worry i meant that in a totally platonic way.


Sweet Southern Prep said...

So thoughtful! I should do that for my hubby this year. Great idea! :)

Mitzi G.!! said...

how sweet......I can't stop laughing at the RIP BIG one! Too funny!