Friday, May 21, 2010

can we just get this over with?

the week i mean!! gah, the first half it's WICKED slow. i mean come on yo.

i also have a confession....i went shopping last night. BUT it was a good sale, and i got practical clothing...NOT the fun but less practical items i normally get.

new york & company has a sale with buy one, get one for $10 on all their pants/shorts/crops. so i got me some shorts, cuz it is gonna be HELLA hot this summer, and this girl does not wanna melt. and NY&Co has shorts that are short enough to not look frumpy...but not so short that my ass is hanging out. cuz i'll be 17 this summer, and i am too old for the whorey teen look.

also got 2 tees, a necklace, some awesome silver earrings....AND A NEW BAG.
this is my girl, except mine is a super bright royal blue...which may the only thing better than yellow. it's rommy inside, which i love...and i'm so far keeping the longer strap just hanging down right under the purse...cuz i like it!!

side note:: i'm a lip gloss FANATIC, but with so many glosses and sticks and whatnot...everything in my purse is the same shape, so it's hard to find what i want. do you keep stuff in a makeup bag IN your purse? i have lots of friends who do...but i feel like it makes my purse weigh more. which is weird.

also, FINALLY changed my pink hobo wallet out for the yellow patent one i got like 9 months ago...i got blue ink on the pink one back in december when a pen exploded in my purse.

so it got me to thinking....will my blue purse go with everything?? like....this?
cuz my boy christian siriano was on the view today, and OMG I NEED THIS DRESS YESTERDAY. i wanna get married again, and rock this. (so brooke and mayra, you can rock white!!).

also, adding to the awesome of today...
pacman. on google. go right now, play, and waste your life away...or at least your afternoon.


Salt said...

Heck yeah Google Pac Man! What do you think I've been doing all morning? :)

And thanks for the heads up on the NY&Co sale.

bananas. said...

um that bag is fab. you should've got it in BOTH yellow and blue. love the long strap hanging down. that's how i roll too.

oh and that dress is wham ban thank you mam hot! except where you planning on wearing that huh? the miss america beauty pageant? HA! ps. where am i wearing white?

happy friday FINALLY! have a good one darling.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I was going to comment on the rest of your post, but then saw PAC-MAN! Oh my goodness, going-there-now! Thanks! :)

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Played my pac-man earlier. Isn't that hysterical!

KLaw said...

DOOD!!!!! I saw that earlier and about died! That purse is fantastical too!

brooke said...

LOVEEEEE the bag!!! love it! and you HAVE to have the strap down! it's a must!!! as my leaving gift yesterday i got a gift cert to pursona!!! woooohooo!! guess where this gal will be at some point today!! heck yes! cannot wait to spend it!! it's already burning a hole in my current bag!

and that dress!!! it's a must for your second wedding...and for sure i'll be there in white!!! well at least my hair will be! hahaha...

Sami Mastrario said...

The Pac Man google bar is extremely cool. and I love that yellow purse!