Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mama needs some new shoes

for all of my neverending love for all things footwear...i have all of TWO designer pairs. and they aren't even that pricey....i got blue kate spades for my rehearsal dinner, and pink stuart weitzmans for my wedding.

now, mama wants some loubs. NOW. see, the hubs could have some big news asap...which COULD make my dream of hella expensive kicks a dream. then i can get my carrie on any day of the week.
speaking of....can we talk about how SUPER FLY FANTASTIC all of these women look at the premiere of sex and the city 2?! all over 40...kim cattrall is over 50...and they. look. banging.

i don't know why SJP has her leg all jacked up and kicked out, other than to show off those shoes...but there's gotta be a better way!! but that yellow dress? to steal a phrase from rachel zoe...I. DIE. i wanna wear it right now. but without kicking my leg out like i can't stand correctly.

and speaking of shoes...can i get an amen for this fabulosity?
i don't even get the whole twitter thing...but people dot com says that's how Christian Siriano posted these lovelies from his...PAYLESS COLLECTION?! i don't even know...
i don't even get what they'd match, but i want them to sit nicely on a shelf or something. thet might look super cheap in person...but from the pic, they're kind of all sorts of awesome.
what shoes are you lusting after today?


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i dunno how i feel about that heel...

i really need to think about this.


bananas. said...

hmmm those christian siriano shoes look like feet of an antique buffet or something. not sure about that but i do love christian siriano. oh and LOUBS!

woman, no discussion...just get them! that's what i did. but i will be honest, i've only worn them 2x. they flippin hurt man!

lastly, LOVE sarah's dress. want it bad!!!

Sami Mastrario said...

not too sure about those heels! Love Sex and the City though!


miss lucille said...

i lust after shoes. period. show me a shoe and its pretty gauranteed i'll lust it.

Freck said...

SHUTUP! Payless?! I love Mr. Soriano to death. Did you see his show "Having a moment" on Bravo? Oh man, so good!

Claire Kiefer said...

So I stalked craigslist until I found a girl selling a pair of Louboutins for $100! She'd worn them once but they didn't really fit her so she sold the beauties to me for next to nothin' . . . I LOVE THEM. But Mayra's right--they HURT and I've also worn mine twice. :|