Wednesday, May 5, 2010

birds of a feather

i'll admit...i have an eyeliner problem. i buy them from ulta ALL THE TIME. especially when they're buy 1, get 1...cuz, hello...i use eyeliner every day.

the problem is...sometimes i get fun colors, and then i'm sad when they're not that bright out of the, muted-ish, ya know??

i am NOT that girl today.
oooh ya'll, this teal blue liner from ulta is THE. BOMB. it's the perrrrrrfeeeeccccttttt peacock blueish color....enough to know it's NOT navy, but not enough to be all "yo, get back in the 80's playa".

i'm rocking my peacock print liberty of london top today...and it just goes!! gah, i love it. i think it'll be perfect by itself, with some black mascara for a white tee and shorts kind of summer day. plus...full price, it's $7. and waterproof. so it's the best.

and my mantle has a new addition this week.
OMG. it's a shiny silver owl bank. i am obsessed with it. i wheeled it around target friday night for about an hour...and i kept going back and forth about it, because i don't really NEED it (yes i did, i just like trying to convince the hubs i'm not a total freak). it was only $10, so it wasn't so much the price as...i just felt bad about the whole thing.

so we get to the register, and i waffle one last time, for show of course, and the hubs says, no lie "you seem kind of weirdly attached to it. i don't wanna hear about you NOT having it."

and that's basically why we got married...because he gets that i would TOTALLY be that girl, sighing and saying how i wish i had my silver owl.

i also might get the hubs to start putting spare change in it with me, so we can save without really saving and maybe buy us (or let's be honest, me) something fun!


Claire Kiefer said...

I think the owl was a very wise purchase. :) And I have an eyeliner problem as well . . . I think I have 5 different brown eyeliners in my makeup bag right now. I buy mine at Sephora, though!

bananas. said...

that same problem you have with eyeliner, i have with eyeshadow. i get so pissed when the shit comes out all dull. grrrr. if it says hot pink, it better be HOT freakin PINK! not salmon. bleh.

love the silver owl. i do that a lot with my own purchases. i think your owl was definitely worth the internal battle you had with yourself. thank god for the hubs right? lol.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Love the bank! Adorable!

brooke said...

fairly certain i too NEED HAVE TO HAVE WILL DIE WITHOUT that silver owl!!!! he HAS to be mine!!! i adore him!!!!

i am so like that! i get attached to odd stuff...

and as for eyeliner...have to have it everyday!!!!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Thats a good man if he knew the consequences of you NOT getting the owl! I will have to try the eyeliner... that would be fun for the beach!

miss lucille said...

yay for eyeliner that is what it says it is. i bet you rocked it. - i love the owl. its spectacular. i've been on an owl kick lately and got myself a big honking fabulous owl ring and some earings as well (which i don't wear all at once cause if i did i might as well go work at hooters... or be that girl at your work.) BUT they are great seperate. i also bought a ceramic owl that was indeed a wonderful investment. :)

capperson said...

I love colored eyeliners but I really need to get some good ones that actually show up pretty with my pale skin.

I love the owl :)

I also do that at stores. I also try to decided between two things because I can never decided!!!

Jennifer said...

Well now you got me wanting to go buy that eyeliner . . thanks!
But I do have the same owl bank and I did the same thing while shopping. But my issue is that I have way too much owl stuff . . . although I couldn't force myself to leave the store without it since it was the only one they had. She's just too beautiful!
I also blogged about it a week or so ago :)