Sunday, May 9, 2010

it's like seeing your own future

first off, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! to all the moms i know, all the soon-to-be moms, and all the eventually-will-be moms =)

so, i gotta give a little love to MY mama, of course.
yeah....we don't look ANYTHING alike. you can barely tell we're's not like i can practically SEE what i'll look like in 27 years or anything...

but anyways, there are LOADS of things i've learned from my mom, that i didn't really appreciate until i got older. like...

~it's not embarrassing to be the loudest table at a probably means you're having the most fun.
~it's not weird to chat up the cashiers at stores, and random strangers while you wait in's just southern hospitality.
~crying at random songs/at random times is kind of unavoidable sometimes...whether i want it or now, i'm a big softie.
~keeping drinks/chairs/games in the car 24/7 isn't means you're always ready for a party!!

my mom is one of those people that EVERYONE loves. literally. everyone. you might love her more than you love me if you met her....she's got less of an attitude =) so if one day, i can be half the mother she's been to me and my sister...i'll be golden.

also, she takes hilarious photos to appease my sister and i, on the way to pick up my wedding dress.
love you mom!!


Salt said...

Awww happy Mother's Day to your mom! I love that picture of the both of you! And I love the lesson about being the loudest table in the restaurant too. Makes me feel a little less bad about being a loudmouth. :)

miss lucille said...

your mom seems rockin'! lucky you. :)