Friday, May 14, 2010

loving being southern

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

of's Summer's friday, i'm in love series...and today ya'll, i'm totally loving my hometown, my home state, my home region, my life below the mason dixon line.

so let's see what simply southern lovelies i'm digging today.

i will TEAR UP a plate of sweet potatoe fries. i love them. maybe more than rgular fries. plus, they make me feel like i'm having more vitamins than regular fries...which is practically like eating veggies, right?

the hubs and i grilled burgers, and these were PERFECTION with it. especially with some ranch for dipping, and seasoned salt....YUMMMM.

and while we were outside grilling...i got a big whiff of this. we have a magnolia in our yard, that goes CRAZY with blooms this time of year!! i've loved the way these smell my whole elementary school, we used to always have kids bring in the buds...and we'd put them in water, and they'd bloom in class. gah, this smell and a warm night is the best thing in the summer. BEST.

and this one isn't super southern...but i cannot WAIT for this new summer collection from essie to come out. basically...i want them all. especially the green. and the pink. and the purple.

yeah, i want them all.

and being the southern girl i am....dresses and skirts are a MUST when it's hot outside. i'm loving this combo that came to me last night...dark blue patterned dress with ruffle at the neck, and my khaki blazer, and my clear necklace...and my sperry's. i'm a topsiders convert!! i LOOOOVE them, they're cute and casual and give this outfit a little nautical punch =)

i'm also really excited that down here, it's already pretty me and my girls are planning a pool date tomorrow!! my tervis is DYING for some fake sangria (yes, i mix red wine and cran-pom juice. it's the freaking best.)

any southern favorites you're digging today??


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love your post here. Seems to me you're feeling much better than yesterday. Those fries look delicious, and I love the smell of magnolias! Can both of these statements go in one sentence? Yes, because they're Southern. Love it!

Pippy said...

I love the Magnolias! I actually ordered 2 gardenia bushes to plant outside my front door. I am so excited to get them!

Salt said...

I was so late to the party on sweet potato fries. I just tried my first one like two weeks ago and LOVE them!

Magnolias are one of my favorite flower too!

I love pretty much everything about the south really. I like to consider myself an honorary southern girl since my mom lives in Charleston. :)

brooke said...

mmmm LOVE sweet potato fries!! L O V E!

hhhm...southern pickles!!! YUM!!!

and is it is okay if i call that redneck sangria?!? hahahaha...j/k...seriously i kinda want to try that...immediately!

brooke said... look fly in your blaza!! supa cute!

miss lucille said...

i just love friend foods. and country music. are those southern? ha ha. i tend to think so... maybe not so much country music. OH! I GOT IT! my favorite "southern thing" is disney's the princess and the frog. haha. how's that?

p.s. love all your southern-ness!

Claire Kiefer said...

Awww, I live in California now, but I was born and raised in Georgia, so I get really nostalgic for the south this time of year. . . screened in porches and sweet tea!

Erin said...

Magnolias are IT to me!

Mrs. Dew said...

mmm sweet potato fries sound amazing right now!

Kim said...

I could die for sweet potato fries for sure. I envy you because you cant' find them very often here in the west.

bananas. said...

they ARE sweet potato fries!!!