Thursday, May 27, 2010

any other idol fans?

i totally spent 2 hours geeking out last night at the american idol finale. even though the whole 70's flashback thing was a little odd.....joe cocker, hall & oates, chicago, michael mcdonald, the beegees....NOT what i was expecting. but it was all pretty awesome.

especially this part.
omg, why is he SO PRECIOUS?! he was alreasy tearing up before they even announced he won, and he was just SO shocked. it was adorable.

also, don't tell the hubs...but those baby blues?? and he can sing? and play guitar? ::sigh:: i would totally make out with him, after i made him play me an acoustic version of "i'll be" by edwin mccain. at least that's how it goes in my head. YUM.

and can i just have this WHOLE ensemble please?! and look like this in it??

the leather leggings, the studded boots, the blingy necklace, THE VEST. omg the vest. i want the whole damn thing. i love it.

but by far, hands down, the single best part of the whole show....WAS THIS.

my goal in life is to be as kickass as general larry platt. because he's in his MID-60'S. and still doing his thang. and busting out some sweet dance moves. and making up songs about saggy pants.

any favorite parts for you? wanna help me find/make carrie's sweet vest?


Salt said...

I watched!!! Lee is ADORABLE. Even when he sounded a little bit like he might vom in his performance after he won.

I absolutely LOVED that they bought out Bret Michaels. I was pretty much screaming at the tv.

bananas. said...

i kinda watched it but it was lame. sorry. i mean i liked all the guest stars but did we really need to see the rejet girls singing christina aguilera before the real christina aguilera came out and made them all look like retards!

and then when lee won, they gave him like 5 seconds of the 2 hour show!!! haha.

anyway, congrats to him. he deserved it...i guess.

Married Filing Joint said...

I saw two minutes of the whole thing, and I think I caught the best part. General Larry Platt rocked it out. (how was my life complete without pants on the ground?) When William Hung came out, I almost lost it.

Jennifer said...

I was in Idol heaven last night! I've been rooting for Lee for forever and just adore him! (Plus I voted about 100 times for him!)
I'm sad that Simon is leaving and the show last night kinda made me teary :(
btw I started screaming and yelling when they announced Lee as the winner and my pup Bella started howling! We all were happy

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I acted like a teenager, I may be embarassed, and I am wondering if I qualify for the sex offender list, due to thoughts I have concerning Lee DeWyze at 40?

Freck said...

JUST amazing. I had so much fun, I love Lee. My twitter was blowing up about him :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Carrie's gorgeous and looked amazing in her outfit. But she always looks amazing! I was so touched by Lee's reaction--adorable! So sweet and humble! I'm so glad he won. Crystal's got some killer pipes, but she's kind of a brat, right??

brooke said...

oh man i didn't watch this season at all...but i love me some carrie and in that photo she did looke AMAZING as alwasy!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!! love her!!!