Monday, February 8, 2010

a bunch o' randomness

i'll be the first to admit....when i get bored, i "window shop" online.

and today, i found this.

isn't it adorable?! black jersey, and only $30 from target!! the best's one of those fancy convertible dresses....skirt, and 2 long strappy things to tie around your waist, or your shoulders, or whatever. i have pretty much decided i must own it in black...but i'm contemplating grey too!!

so, i've gotten the hubs a few things for valentine's day...but when i was browsing around, i found this. and i may have to break down and purchase.

they're in love!! and they're robots!! see, back when the hubs was just my boyfriend...i sent him some random "free gift" on facebook, that was a little love robot. and it spiraled from there...i always find robot things to get year it was a pencil sharpener, things like this. so this shirt from Happy Family's etsy shop is too perfect!! i'm just not sure he'd actually wear it.

and, to finish this randomness on a REALLY random note...we were talking about kool-aid at work.

anyone remember this stuff?! the powder was green....then turned blue. YUMMMMM.


Classy Fab Sarah said...

I want the link to that Target dress!!!

bananas. said...

i used to LOVE koolaid. in our family we mixed the grape with the lemonade to make some bomb a$$ grape lemonade. it was tasty!

i also remember the changing colors.