Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what i have GOT to have for summer

it's COLD here ya'll. not 14 feet of snow cold...but wind chill of freezing cold, which for this georgia girl is enough.

while i am still enjoying my snuggly sweaters and super cute peacoats...i know summer, she's a'coming. and this girl is gonna need some accessories to go with a katrillion tshirts, flip flops...and maybe some shorts, if i can find some in a decent length.

for crying out loud...a 5'10", all legs 26 year old girl does NOT need to wear denim hotpants...OR pleat-front cullottes. there has to be a compromise!!

anyhoo...back to the accessories...and the siren song known as
i must own these adorable simple earrings, in yellow. and maybe white.

yeahhhhh.....for $3, i can wear the same earrings in 2 colors...right?

this fancy glass business would look SO cool on a long silver chain i have. probably NOT that leather cord.
oh scarves...why do you tempt me so?! this purple is SO. FAB. and....i want aqua too. cuz clearly...i have a problem. a $5 one.
oh pretty fringe....also so summery. i can see this yellow with my awesome grey jcrew dress. and the grey one i want?? it can go with....other stuff.
i'm a white white girl. super white. freckle, not tan white. it's awesome...and means i'm a sunscreen fiend. i'm also on the hunt for a good floppy hat for the pool...and this is a great one!!
and, what nautical summery biznass isn't complete without a roped knot headband????

i MUST own this!!

and the grand total for everything....$45.60.


Christine said...

I love those summer pieces! I can't wait for summer!

KLaw said...

great finds! And already in season down here :)

Jess said...

its good to know I'm not the only one who wants a big floppy hat! I cant wait for summer!

bananas. said...

the knot headband is friggin notch! i LOVE it! been wanting one forevs now. i hope you got it and then photoshopped yourself in it so i can envy you.

KatherineBee said...

Those are some great finds! I'm really fair-skinned too, floppy hats are a must!

The Pink Chick said...

What great finds! I want a big floppy hat! They are so fun!

brooke said... question for you gonna pick any of these up at pursona or blue door!! LADY!!! we totally live in the same town!!! how crazy!

i knew it the minute you said you were seeing rascal three weeks from tomorrow and then when i saw your city and state...what a small world!