Thursday, February 4, 2010

this is TOO cool

in case i haven't mentioned it...i work in tv. local news to be precise. so...i find out a lot of weird stuff, a lot of weird ways.

today, one of our photogs came back from shooting a story about a lotto winner (btw, color me jealous about this dude's $2.5 million). anyways...she tells me that the lotto peeps gave her this bag...made from an old banner. i had to see she showed me, and i was totally jealous AGAIN.

enter Prior Life. this company takes old banners, the super tough plastic/fabric combo ones...and turns them into something else!!these wine bags are TOO cute!! perfect for a hostess gift.

this smaller tote is amazing. it looks like the perfect size. none of them look exactly the can either order with no preference, and wait for the surprise...or you can give them a color preference if you want blue or green or black or whatever!

and this is the extra large tote...i think this is the perfect size for a beachbag! or if you're one of those girls who needs a big work tote along with a purse....or maybe a new mama in your life who's toting around baby stuffs!

they also make small zipper bags, like makeup bags...and wallets, lunchbox coolers, all sorts of stuff!!

i totally want one. because it's green, so that's cool....trash is whack anyways. plus...they're ADORABLE!!

and if you've got a company with lots of banners you normally toss, you can send them to prior life, and they'll make them into whichever product you want, add a label with the banners "prior life" info, and then send them back to you to give away or sell!!

what do you think? digging them like i am?


Suburban Princess said...

These are great! What a fabulous idea!

capperson said...

That is neat and very cute!

bananas. said...

they're very cool! reminds me of the seatbelt bags that were so big before.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

What a great gift that would make!!

Freck said...

Whoaaa!! this is so cool!