Tuesday, February 16, 2010

we all know what day it is!

i'm not Catholic, or from a seriously mardi gras celebrating sorta place...but the beads sure are pretty!! when i was little, my cousin's husband was stationed in NOLA, so they'd mail us HUGE boxes of beads every year...it was AWESOME for dress-up time.

see, i'm more excited about another upcoming holiday...
see, i married an irish boy. or at least a 1/4 irish boy....so i feel like i get more right to celebrate than other peeps =) i've already turned my 3 "love" frames into "luck" ones for the occasion....and if the hubs and i ever get around to painting the submarine grey steel front door we have....i want to hang something there too!
also, i need every single one of you....

to go and wish Summer the best of luck and prayers and all the positive energy you have, so she can have a whole couch full of babes like this one....or at least 1 or 2. thanks ya'll!!

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