Monday, February 15, 2010

happy monday ya'll!

i hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day! i know i did. first off...the hubs totally scored, with a bag full of candy and beef jerky and a home depot card. can i spoil a dude or what?

then, the hubs gave me my presents!
these beauties are decorating my ears right now...i love them! my 2nd present won't be here until tuesday ( i blame the snow), so he felt bad and got me some michael kors perfume as a replacement gift so i didn't have only one thing!!

now i gotta decide if i wanna keep the regular michael kors...which is what he bought, cuz that's the part he remembered...or get MK very hollywood, which is what i actually asked for. sounds way brattier than it is, promise.

then last night during our trip to the grocery store, the heavens smiled upon me...

cuz these were already out!!!!! OMG. i am a jellybean fiend. it's no secret. and these are totally my drug of choice....yummmm, life savers. i have to make the hubs take the bag away so i don't plow the whole thing.

and then....i bought myself a present.
this will be my VERY first piece of lilly that's not a piece of stationery. so. freaking. excited.
i love love love it, and it was only $100!! CLICK HERE if you need a ruelala invite =)
also, head over to Mayra's and tell her HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Ashley B said...

Ahhh! So mad! I couldn't get on RueLaLa until 11:30, had that same dress in my bag, and when I went to check-out like ten minutes later it was completely sold out! Boo. Guess I wasn't fast enough. Lucky you! Such a cute dress. :) Hope you enjoy it!


Freck said...

Similar to your jelly bean fix, I love rainbow twizzlers. I can finish an entire pack in a day (which makes me wonder how I'm not massive).

Such pretty earrings!!!

Morgan said...

Gorgeous earrings! So unique and special. Good hubs!

bananas. said...

hubby did gooooood...those earrings are superbalicious!!!

and OMG you gave me a shout out...THANK YOU MUCH!!!

perfectly paisley said...

Great choice on your first piece of Lilly!!! Looks like you had a great valentines day!

teamjinfred said...

shut up! There's lifesaver jellybeans? I've always stuck to the starburst ones. I have to try those.

勇氣 said...
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