Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i cannot be the only one...

totally and completely addicted to the ridiculous drama that is "teen mom" on MTV.

last night was the reunion special with dr. drew...and let me tell you, it was 90 solid minutes of amazingness. so amazing in fact, that the hubs was upstairs working on his ipod...and he had it on too. so we could discuss the crazy together.

let me start with the classiest of the bunch....amber.
APPARENTLY, amber is a fat boyfriend beater. homegirl WAILED on gary for talking trash about her dad. who's honestly a little sketch.

first off....these 2 fight 24/7. when they're not eating takeout CRACKER BARELL IN A MOTEL ROOM. omg. there are no words.

also...last night, amber had a dinstinctly 'hood tone to her voice. she used to be white-trash countryfied...what the eff happened?! "look me in my face gary...look me in my face. i'm sorry i hit you".

for realz?! these 2 are crazy...and now amber CLAIMS she's preggers again. yeah right.

on to d-bag numero dos.

i'm pretty sure ryan here is one of the worst human beings ON THE PLANET. he told maci she dropped all her classes because "she was lazy as sh!t"...not because she was taking care of baby bentley and working ALL ALONE, while he was out partying with his homeboys.
ugh, i seriously can't stand this kid. he's an ass, and he's arrogant, and he doesn't realize one bit how he hurts maci, OR bentley. even his dad gets on his butt about how much he sucks! the dude didn't want to shell out cash FOR HIS KID'S FIRST BIRTHDAY CAKE. and we're not talking a duff goldman, ace of cakes confection...we're talking duncan hines. from a box.
i think she's SO much better without him...and i know she'll find someone better!
there was also farrah, who bores me, even if her mama is CRAAAAZZZZYYYY. and the ever adorable tyler and catelynn....who are totally the smartest and most mature of the bunch, what with giving their baby girl up for adoption.
also, super freaking pumped about the new season of "16 and pregant" mostly for this little exchange from the previews...."the baby is yours...we had sex A LOT."


Brittany said...

Love that show!! And totally agree! Ryan is such a dbag! He is frawing unemployment and still asking money from his parents but calling Maci lazy and not supporting her! Ugh! It drives me nuts!

I'm so ready for the news season too!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Girl, you are not the only one addicted to Teen Mom! I love the drama! Totally agree with you about Amber...she is one crazy momma! And poor Maci with that jerk Ryan...I just want to jump through the tv screen and strangle him. But I also want to just shake Maci and make her realize how much better she can do. That poor kid is better off without Ryan in his life! And I LOVE Catelynn and Tyler! They are so sweet and in love. It's adorable. Then Farrah...another one who I want to strangle. What world is she living in???! Yeah her Mom is annoying, but at least she's supporting her and helping with Sophia! Whew...okay, enough of Teen Mom :) Have a good weekend!!! xoxo

That's Sassy said...

I love Teen Mom as well and watched the show last night and agree with your entire post!! Cant wait for the next 16 and pregnant but I have to say I have become attached to these ladies and their stories.

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I'm sooo addicted to Teen Moms also- maybe it's b/c I'm 20 weeks pregnant- Thank goodness I'm in my early 30's- I couldn't imagine having a baby in HS.
My fav teen mom is Maci & Katelynn-- You were so right about Leah mom sounding a bit white trash last night- She used to be kind pretty- well sort-of - but I like how she wore her bangs on the show not lie how she wearing her hair on the reunion show. Flat on her forehead looks better -Last night she was kind acting weird-hood-like it was odd. Maci ex boyfriend drives me crazy- also-Glad she drop his a**

Great post- Love your blog!

KLaw said...

This show? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Glad I'm not the only one obsessed :) Ryan is a douchebag. And I agree on all points!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I am also hooked! I can't believe out all of the shows. Last night was ridiculous! You quoted the funniest parts :o)

bananas. said...

you said EVERYTHING i always say about these gals. amber is effin kuh-razy! and i adore maci. she is such a good mother. too bad bentley's dad is such a loser and so BORING! what did she ever see in the dude?

i never meant to like the show but with MTV's reruns you can't help but watch and get addicted. already addicted to that stupid show life as liz too. lol.

Mrs. Dew said...

first of all, new follower here, hi!

OMG I watched the reunion last night and I was GLUED to the TV! I love that Dr. Drew told Amber if she is pregnant they'll never get out of poverty, HA! Lord help us if they created another! HOT MESS! And I agree about Maci, she's totally better off w/o Ryan's lazy a$$! Such a jerk!

Anonymous said...

This show is a trainwreck. I stopped watching because Farrah pissed me off so much with her always going out on dates and not really dealing with Sofia. And her crazy mom and pushover dad.

Though that hasn't stopped my DVR from recording, lol.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I never really got into 16 and pregnant, but I was addicted to Teen Mom. I love how on the recap Amber said she might be pregnant...because she was starting to feel like she did when she was pregnant before. WTF?!

Iva said...

I really need to see this show!! I know I know!! I'm so behind!

Mrs. Smith said...

I missed the reunion but it's on my DVR and I can't wait to watch it!

Mr. Smith watched the finale with me over the weekend though. He was resistant at first, but he started getting into it as it went along. His thoughts:
Ryan's a jerk.
Amber & Gary are nutso.
And Catelynn & Tyler are the most mature kids EVER. (Although he was not a fan of Catelynn's junkie mom.)

Robyn said...

Ha! I love this show too!