Tuesday, February 2, 2010

random tuesday ramblings

you see this guy?? not the one in the top hat...the furry one.
he can SUCK IT. 6 more weeks of winter my ass mr. phil. i think NOT!!

see, i ignore Pennsylvania's most famous rodent....cuz down here in the peach state, we've got our OWN groundhog.
welcome to casa de General Beauregard Lee. that's right...he's got A MANSION. and he says spring is on its way. so i'm listening to him. cuz...he's got a mansion. he's gotta be doing something right for such sweet digs, right??
also....spent about 30 minutes getting my craft on last night.

this here is my super hot knotted bead necklace. i stole the idea from the lovely Candace. she rocked a clear one with black ribbon at her surprise shower this weekend...and i HAD to find out where she got it! of course...imagine my shock when the answer was "hobby lobby".
the string of beads cost me all of $5, and the ribbon was another $2. i just cut a LOOOOOONG double length of ribbon, then tied a knot about where i wanted it to start. threaded both ribbons in the bead hole, and then took ONE ribbon and re-looped it through the bead., and then tied another knot. then repeated...20something times. i love it! the only problem, is i think the ribbons left on the ends are a little short...so i might try and attach a clasp...OR cut them shorter and knot more lenght on to it.
i'm also making one with black ribbon and greyish-green beads tonight!


perfectly paisley said...

I am so ready for winte rto be over already! Really really cute necklace you did a great job! :o)

angela.kolachny said...

wow cute necklace! I'm a new follower!

Pippy said...

I love that we blogged about the same thing today, & even used some of the same pictures! lol it's true, Great minds think alike!

bananas. said...

dude. your groundhog has a better crib than i do. i'm extremely jealous right now.

boo to more winter. i'm over it.