Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i heart the olympics

i was MESMERIZED by the opening ceremonies...but i haven't been very good about keeping up with the games this year. until last night.

a friend of mine came over, we cracked open a bottle of pinot grigio, and settled in to watch THIS guy.

oh johnny weir. i love you so. i love that you rocked arguably the only slutty outfit of the short corset, pink ties, and that awesome tassle on your arm. you make no apologies for who you are...and you brought a lady gaga poster to your olympic village dorm to "watch over us". right now you're in that's cool. bring it thursday night for the long program, k.

so, i'm expecting to love johnny and only johnny...until evan.

meet evan lysacek. he's totally the ken doll of the group...trying to be the manly man of a bunch of dudes in SPANDEX AND SEQUINS skating around and spinning. i mean, yes it takes a heck of a lot of athletic ability...but there are still sequins. and feathers, if you're, NOT as manly as lumberjacking or what have you.

evan ROCKED. IT. OUT. he did SOOO good, with his sequins and feathers...and he totally teared up when he was done, cuz he's awesome. right now, he's in 2nd, behind some crappy russian dude with a mullet WHO SUCKS and has an attitude. NOT. A. FAN.

so i hope evan totally kicks ass on thursday night too.

also, REAL excited about tonight....

for shaun white!!!! i LOOOVE him, i think he's got mad snowboard skills...but he also just loves what he does. and now he's famous with peeps who don't even KNOW about snowboarding (like yours truly!). last night, he told a story about wearing his gold medal from torino out one night...and the ribbon got dirty.

so he told his mom to take it to the dry cleaners. and she did.

and then SHE GOT MAD IT WAS $10 TO CLEAN IT. his gold medal. i love it.

have you been watching? any faves?


Eva said...

I loved last night! Johnny Weir cracks me up.I love it all an I hope the arrogant Russian goes down in the finals. What a snob.
I can't wait for the snowboarding tonight with Shaun White. He seems like such a down to earth cool guy. (It also wasn't him that wore his medal it was his friend. He didn't want to look like a show-off.) Though his Mom taking it to the cleaners is an awesome story.

Christine said...

I saw that bit on Shaun White last night as well - too cute!

That Russian skater is such a boob...and a bore on the ice.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

I should have DVR'd it and am so bumnmed I missed it, but LOST was on.

Tonight I am watching for sure!

Erin said...

That's partially what prompted my Shaun White post, too! I think I might love his mommy just a little bit, too!

Nicole P. said...

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Kate said...

Go and check out my blog - the mail finally caught up with us and I received the swap gift yesterday!!! :) Thank so much!

Kristin said...

I was totes enthralled by women's snowboarding the other night!