Monday, November 30, 2009

my only cyber monday purchase

alternate title:: i swear i bought some stuff as presents..

i'm about to blow your fashion-forward, blog-loving minds....

i live in a place.....with NO forever 21. not one. not one within 100 miles.

and i LOOOOOOOVE forever 21. especially the accessories. so....when i saw their cyber monday promotion was free shipping...i was on it like white on rice.

i got an adorable double-tiny key necklace for my sis....and my 5th grade cousin will soon be rocking a purple and pink leopard print scarf...she's so gonna be the hottest kid in class.

and then.....i bought a little somethin' somethin' for much do i LOVE this headband?! braided satin...and the color? with my oh-so-not-natural red hair?? gorge. and hello.....less than $4.
oh i love love LOVE these pretty, and sparkly...and so fun with....something in my closet. is it wrong to accessorize nothing?
and my faves are hands down these. i actually got them in all black for one of my bridesmaids, who's pretty much the queen of black and dark silver earrings. i adore the blue...and it'll be gorgeous with a grey sweater....and my rockstar boots.

all in all....i got 11 things. for $53. get in on the free shipping with CYBERMONDAY until midnight tonight!!


MrsSouthernBelle said...

That head band will look gorgeous with your hair!

Freck said...

So cute!! Love that headband, and I love F21. Bummer there isn't one near you!!!

Kristin said...

Holy good deals batman!

mrs.mfc said...

I love love love both of those pairs of earrings!! Just gorgeous!!