Thursday, November 19, 2009

outfitting my peeps

i will admit it...i think novelty tees are hilarious. always have. i was totally THAT GIRL back in college, rocking every funny shirt american eagle came out with.

now...i don't wear them as much....but i'm SO not above buying them for my peeps for christmas.

so here's my current fave selection from snorg tees.

oh dane crack me up.

is it wrong for your husband, and his sister-in-law, aka my little sis, to rock the same shirt? cuz i am SO getting them both one of these for christmas.
t. pain 4 life ya'll.
and....these next 2 are for my blog crushes, Kristen and Summer. i hope ya'll don't think i'm a stalker...but i couldn't NOT share these if you hadn't seen them already =)

i'm also planning on getting the hubs a shirt or 2 from Think Geek. but i can't share those....because i have to keep some semblance of my girly street-cred....and the nerdboy shirts don't do that....


The Pink Chick said...

I am not one to wear novelty tees (mainly because they never looked good on me-chubby and novelty tees don't mix well), but oh how I love them! I adore the mustache ones! So cute!

Katie said...

Funny, funny!