Tuesday, November 24, 2009

snuggling up for santa

hello, my name is hayley, and i'm a flannel PJ addict.

i honestly get at least 2 or 3 pairs every. single. year. either for myself, or as gifts because everyone knows how much i love them. last year...it was a zebra striped pair from my sis, and lawn flamingoes outside of airstream trailers from mom.

don't be jealous.

2 years ago, victoria's secret had some ADORABLE pjs....but las year? BLAH. they all sucked.

i'm so happy VS is back on their game!!

how cute and classy are these pink feathers? so girly!! i'll also note...i'm pretty opposed to christmas pj's....because i don't like wearing them after christmas. so winter = okay. santa = not okay.
okay.and more pink....these are called "vintage postcard" i think....i love the look, and they remind me of another pair i have with fun "stamps" on them.

and my absolute fave are these....they're hot pink, the script is precious....and they're hot pink.
here's a few more things i love about VS pjs....you can order them in short, regular, and long. oh bless those VS peeps for their long pants...cuz see, i'm 5'10" without any shoes on. and ALL my height is in my legs. awesome for skirts....NOT awesome for pjs that end up being highwaters.
and the best part?? right now....they're $39.50. until tomorrow, use the code ITEM20 for 20% off. AND use PJGIFT for free matching slippers with your new sleep duds!!
so for about $40...you get hot sleepwear, fun shoes...and more money in your bank account.
this is also a GREAT present for an aunt or cousin or great friend!!


Summer (BisforBrown) said...

I love flannel pjs! LOVE THEM!

WE need to have a PJ party! HEE HEE!

The Pink Chick said...

I love these! I think I might have to get a pair! I really love the first pair! So cute and feminine!

KLaw said...

I wish I could wear these down here! They're so cute!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Being another leggy gal, I also appreciate VS and their long leg appreciation!

a. said...

Love their flannel pjs!