Wednesday, November 18, 2009

smelling yummy when it's cold

i'm very much a scent fiend...i LOVE perfume, lotion, shower gel, all that jazz...but i'm also very fickle with my affections. it totally depends on the day, my mood, my outfit, everything...i'll NEVER be a signature scent kind of girl.

and i totally have a new fave for fall, from a surprising place....bath and body works.
this, is twilight woods. (cue edward cullen swoon for all my meyer fans out there!). it smells so yummy....sort of vanilla-y...but with more notes. it's very....warm.

can you tell i'm not so good at this whole describing scents thing? i'm a yummy girl through and through.

and the best part?? if you want some for yourself...or maybe you're stocking up on gifts for those aunts and cousins who are hard to buy for...i've got a deal for you.

right now....B&BW is having buy 3, get 3 free for their signature collection. which is a rockstar deal....but you KNOW i'm gonna make it better.

until november 22nd, CLICK HERE to print your coupon for $10 off $30. which means you can get 6 things...for about $20.

i've already done it once...but i may do it again. just because.

also, p.s....where have you gone 2 followers?? am i not witty enough for you? was it the whole pimp analogy from last week?


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

ohhh thanks for the coupon! I'm totally gonna go try it out this afternoon!

Pippy said...

This scent is amazing!!! I love twilight woods. It's my new favorite too.
Thanks for the coupon!

Bekkah said...

I got a sample of this scent a few weeks ago and I am in LOVE! And it doesn't hurt that the name makes me think of vampire hotties. ;)

KatherineBee said...

Was so curious how this smelled - I kind of chuckled when I got it in the mail. Does it smell like Edward?