Monday, November 23, 2009

a freebie to start the day

this one's gonna be short and sweet least for now.

i've already started my thanksgiving week tradition....getting together my coupons for black friday!! i always print 3 sets, for me, mom and the little sis....cuz we're shopping fools at the crack of dawn =)

here's a little something to get your black friday mojo going....or just give you an excuse to spoil yourself or someone you love.

CLICK HERE to print your coupon from bath and body works for a FREE ITEM. just about anything in the store, up to $13 value....all you have to do is spend $10. $10 is nothing. grab a lip gloss or 2 for that favorite cousin of yours. or do like i've been known to do...and get a little something for mom, not for christmas....but just because.


Rosalyn Kay said...

Tagged you for an award! Have a great week!

Christine said...

I just got this email and I was happily surprised by it! So easy to spend $10!!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

What other coupons are you printing?