Monday, November 16, 2009

how i spent my weekend

oh you come too soon.

i spent my saturday being VERY started about 8am, with a trip to the DMV with the mister, to get my name changed on my license, and my address changed too.

so, i have my hair all brushed nice, rocking a black shirt for some neutrality, have fairly neutral makeup....

yeah, i definitely look like a convict in my new pic. which is a step up from the previous photo, taken on my 20th birthday where i look about....15. there's also half the picture taken up by my head/face is the bottom half of the photo.

awesome for a 5'10" girl to look miniscule in her license pic.


anyways, since we were up so early, i had plenty of time to get my craft on.

and craft i did.

first up...this little beauty, just in time for the holidays!!

you can't really tell from far away, but it's an advent calendar!! i got the idea from Thrifty Decor Chick a few weeks ago. i used leftover favor boxes from the wedding, and bought some christmas paper from the hobby lobby...the frame was all of $5, and i just mod podged the paper on, and expoxyed the boxes on the frame.

the hubs and i are gonna split up even and odd days to fill up...i'm so excited!!

and then....came my foray into bib necklace-land.

i bought 6 packs of flat-backed stones from the hobby lobby, in all different shapes and sizes.
i decided to go the "glue and felt" route, versus the "sewing and organza" route....
i cut a piece of paper about what shape i wanted, held it up to my chest, then traced it on the felt and got to laying out the stones. i went big to small, so i could fill in the spaces...and then glued them down big to small as well.
it took awhile...but for about $30, with materials left over...i think i did alright.
what do you think of my weekend crafts?


Summer B. said...

WOW! You did a fabulous job!

I love the calendar and the bib!

Jin said...

i like! Looks like something I saw at Macy's the other day

MrsSouthernBelle said...

My Michaels didnt have those boxes =(

Freck said...

Love it!!! you did a great job!