Wednesday, March 9, 2011

when trying to be good goes awry

when i looked in my closet and realized there are several shirts and tops and cardis that STILL have the tags on them....i thought MAYYYYBBBEEEE it's time to look for outfit inspiration inside my closet, instead of out.

and then i went to the mall because i got bored.

while i didn't drop any cash yesterday....i will be soon. because i have found the PERFECT accessories for my wardrobe.

seriously...i came home and figured out THREE ensemble options for a party this weekend. on a tuesday!! that's basically unheard of around these parts.

please tell me you don't DIE for this ring. cuz i totally do. it looks like space or something...and the facets make it amazing. and it looks soooo good on my pointer ringer...or my middle one. not that i'd EVER show it to anyone there ;)

and this looks similar to the second...except it's not turquoise, but a similar blue to the first ring. but it's silver and a long oval. and i love it on my ring finger, or the middle one again.

cuz flipping someone off with accessories makes it less offensive, right?

anyhoo...i intend to rock these both on my right hand, with skinnies and boots and a coral top and oatmeal 3/4 sleeve cotton cardigan.

i'm already nerdily excited.

i hope i don't change my mind between now and saturday.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awwwww....that second ring looks really similar to the one my best friend got me from H&M.