Monday, March 28, 2011

the A to Z of the HFD

it's rainy and cold here today, and what's better on a monday morning than a little trip down hayley lane =)

A. Age: 27...and clearly i act every bit as mature as my age would suggest.
B. Bed size: full. yes, i'm 27, with a husband who's lived with me for like 4 years...and we sleep on a full size bed. one day we'll get a big one...but i'm not convinced it would fit in our bedroom right now. and we'll never get rid of the bed we have now, it's an antique cherry frame from my grandmother.
C. Chore you hate: um...all of them? seriously...i'm the worst housewife on earth. but i LOATHE laundry, cuz putting it away sucks...and dishes suck because food + hot water and soap = NASTY.
D. Dogs: 2. a pug and what we think is an australian cattle dog/corgi mix.
E. Essential start to your day: waking up? used to be coffee in a major way when i had to function in a work capacity in the a.m.
F. Favorite color: let the shoes talk. they say i live and die for hot pink.

G. Gold or silver: both actually. my everyday jewelry is white gold...but i LOVE gold too. especially big fat gaudy stuff lately =) and i dig mixing them too.
H. Height: 5'10" if i'm flat on my feet. it sucks buying pants, and dresses from the junior's department are out of the question...but for the most part i love it.
I. Instruments you play: a little piano, and there was a yearlong foray into clarinet in 6th grade...i still refer to it as a devil stick. damn thing.
J. Job Title: i prefer the term "trophy wife"...perhaps the more PC term is "stay at home wife". or "husband mooch". "unemployed american"? yeah....trophy wife sounds best =)
K. Kids: the aforementioned dogs. Keno and Bojangles are the only babies this girl needs at the moment...
eventually we want to have human babies. are you allowed to laugh when your kids play tug of war? cuz i do...all the time.
L. Live: in the dirrrty south.'s really just southwest georgia.
M. Mom’s name: Debra. and no...we don't look alike AT. ALL.

N. Nicknames: i get hales a lot. that's really about it.
O. Overnight hospital stays: not yet, ::knock on wood:: i figure those human babies might mean an overnight stay...but that's a ways away.
P. Pet peeve: i have to name 1? people who drive with their blinkers on. people who don't know the difference between your and you're. or there and their and they're. people who use big words incorrectly to try and sound smart. things that are spelled with Ks that should be spelled with Cs.
Q. Quote from a movie:"For the record, i do think there's such a thing as fate. It just works in really fucked up ways sometimes." - Can't Hardly Wait. this is the greatest movie EVER. just so you all know.
R. Right or left handed: i'm a lefty! i was ambidextrous as a kid, and my mom thinks i picked being left-handed to be difficult.
S. Siblings: one little sister, who's name is actually Robin...but she'll always be Squirt to me. and i am a WONDERFUL influence on her.

T. Time you wake up: i'm prepared for the hate with this one....usually between 10 and 10:30 am. go ahead, just curse under your breath at me. i can take it =)
U. Underwear: always! i don't get these trampy celebs rolling out to dinner and dancing with no panties. that's weird.
V. Vegetables you dislike: squash is nasty. i don't really like celery. but nothing, and i mean NOTHING compares to my hatred for bell peppers. GAGGGGG. they smell gross raw, they smell gross cooked, they make anything they touch taste like peppers....ick. hate.
W. What makes you run late: other people!! i am notoriously early all the time...i always have been. i hate being late...even knowing ALL my friends are perpetually running behind.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: none...BUT i did get an MRI of my head when i was in high school. i got a wicked sinus infection and ended up having to have surgery, and get a hole drilled in my head.
Y. Yummy food you make: psh, ALL my food is yummy. 85% is yummy! but i think the hubs would pitch a fit if i stopped making meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Z. Zoo animal: peacocks. and tigers. and elephants. and monkeys. more importantly than my favorite zoo's about my husband has never even BEEN to the zoo?? i intend to remedy this soon =)

happy monday y'all!

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