Wednesday, March 2, 2011

there are several reasons i should not be left alone

thank goodness the husband comes home tonight! because...i really should not be left to my own devices.

1. i end up eating 2 mini grilled cheese sammies for dinner, since it's the only thing that sounds good. ALSO, dinner is at 9:30.

2. dinner is so late...because i may, or may not have spent about 6 hours watching season 1 of veronica mars on netflix instant streaming.

3. when i get bored watching tv...or really, when i get bored anytime...i tend to craft.

no, i will NOT be wearing these 2 items together.

the ring is the latest in several chunky stone endeavors...the others are dark blue, and kelly green, and a HUMONGOUS yellow one...but none of them have wire wrapping. cuz...a girl's gotta branch out sometimes.

and really...i just randomly think of things sometimes, AFTER i've done a run or 2 another way =)

i wish i could say i wasn't totally and freakishly obsessed with my new gold glittered bangle...BUT I SO AM!!! and it was maybe the easiest thing in the entire world.

AND i might have plans in the world for a skinnier one in black/dark grey....and probably more big chunky ones in different colors.

the best part? together....they cost about $4.


Jagged Little Life said...

I LOVE Veronica Mars!

AmandaDF said...

Love that ring! How'd you put it together?