Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ready for summer...with sub-70's temps

mother nature has dealt us a little taste of fall/winter the last day or so...i wore a light sweater and jacket yesterday on a target run.

BUT my closet? my closet is ready and raring for warmer temperatures.
oh hello new wedges. aren't you 2 (or 4) ready for your date with the outside world?? it's coming soon my pretties.
love these brown ones, and the way they zip up the front...i think they look more expensive than the $20 i paid for them.
and my beloved black dolce way of target of course.
yes, i'm 5'10". and yes...i routinely wear 3 1/2 to 4 inch heels. clearly...when i'm not, i'm wearing those ratty grey sneakers. at least when i'm mowing the grass.
and my mostest favoritest thing of all?!?

MY NEW SUNHAT. yes, i have dreams of lounging in my friend's pool, sipping redneck sangria (aka wine and cran-pomegranate juice) out of a tervis tumbler, and feeling MUCH more fabulous than a jobless girl should.

cuz sunhat means trophy wife right?

even though this trophy wife only shelled out $2.50 for this hat...and another $2.50 for its lighter cousin. if i could find a black one...i'd be happy for life.

or at least until september.

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