Monday, March 21, 2011

how does a person get bored with their own head?!

i hope all of you had a glorious that's finally spring, everything around my casa has a hazy yellow dust to it. it's pollen time around these parts...for me, that means nothing cuz i kinda won the genetic lottery on that front and it doesn't bother me at all.

hubs? spent friday at urgent care, found out he has a big-time sinus infection and it was close to getting in his ears. so he's on like...47 pills now. or something.

alright, on to the story at hand.

this is me, about a week ago at a friend's going away party. my hair is a little past my shoulders...and apparently i have the biggest face on the planet.

i don't hate my hair this length....but this is the first time in several YEARS i haven't been growing my locks out for someone's wedding...first one friend in '07, then another in '08, then mine in '09, and then last fall's one wrapped them all up!

so i've always either had long (for me) hair...or just chopped it off, to grow it back.

here's me on my honeymoon, for long hair reference. i did not really like it. also, ouzo SUCKS.

so, do i chop it back to just above my shoulders, another bob like i've been doing? i go big?

cuz i'm more than a little obsessed with ginnifer goodwin's hair here. i dig the swoop. plus...she has a roung-ish face like me.

also, LOVE the messiness of jessica stroup's 'do. i probably wouldn't get pieces in the front so short...but i might.

the only thing i worry about is the ends flipping out, i had my hair short when i was in college, and i always wore it sort of flipped because it would do that naturally. but i think it makes me look super young. not in a "ooh, she looks like she's a lovely 23, not almost-28", but like "i think she might be skipping sophomore social studies!".

also...i'm kind of hairstyling challenged. so i'd have to learn to actually do something to it.

so...what do you think? bob it again? chop it off? find a hobby to keep my hands off my hair?


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

coming from someone who just chopped all of her hair off and died it plat blonde...i say go for it. however, know that you may miss it being long after you cut it. i do sometimes but for the most part, i love it! and i love ginn's hair!

Nikosmommy said...

I totally understand how a person can get totally "bored" with their hair. The same old same old everyday....however chopping it short like Ginnifer's is a BOLD move. Personally my hair grows so slowly that if I chopped it I'd have to commit to a short style for 5 word of a lie thats how long it would take to grown long again.
I keep my hair long(ish) because of the following reasons:
A) Short hair seriously ages me, I'm trying to look my age (34) and not 44.
B)Long hair elongates my face thus causing a slimming effect (hopefully?)
C) Men like long hair. Even if they say they don't mind short hair they prefer long. TRUTH.
My Hubs would kill me if I cut it.
D)Short hair takes WORK! Yes you have to style it everyday. No ponytails there, styling is required every morning.

Soooo I'd say unless you LOVE short hair don't cut it. What about trying a new color instead?!

Sarah Wyland said...

My hair is SUPER long right now, the longest I've had it in years, and I love it - but I've got that whole 'I'm southern and like big hair' thing going on right now, ha! No really, put some hot rollers in it and ta da! Magic.

I say go for it if you're so inclined. It's cliche, but it grows back!