Friday, March 11, 2011

i hate doing dishes, BUT

i hate NOT being able to do them more.

i'll be the first to admit...i'm not the best dishwasher. cooking and dirtying up dishes? absofreakinglutely.

but then getting my hands dirty to wash those dishes?? no thanks.

i'm a strictly dish brush kind of girl...don't dig the whole sponge thing, and the hubs has known for the entire 3 and a half years we've live together that i will NOT touch the sink drain strainer thing full of food bits. WILL NOT.

so...when you add all those things together, do you know what you get?

someone who might have a meltdown if her kitchen sink doesn't freaking get its act together and start draining right!!!

i's a sink. its whole LIFE PURPOSE is to drain away water from my feeble washing attempts, right??


ugh...right now, literally both sides have water in them, and the hubs dumped a whole thing of draino max gel in the 2 sides (AFTER telling me when had to go to the store to get more...and explaining we had to get the same kind, cuz apparently unlike sweaters and CANNOT mix and match drain cleaners. can. but you'll explode your house. and i don't do blowing up, in the literal sense at least).

oh yeah, and they've also got dishes and weird stuff floating on the surface...cuz we intended to do dishes tonight. except the sink robbed us of that.

AND we can't run the dishwasher, because apparently it drains into the sink or something...and again with the explosions.

so, come might find me doing dishes in my backyard with the hose, or in the tub or something.


also...might have gotten myself a little treat for all my stress at the store when we bought draino.
also, might have given my husband the i-don't-even-know-who-you-are-and-how-we've-loved-each-other-so-long look when he said to me "what's a cream horn?"

nothing you're getting NOW buddy, since you don't know their won't miss me hoarding them all for myself.


Jagged Little Life said...

hahaha my husband didn't know what those were either. They used to have flavored ones my mom used to buy when I was younger.. but the white cream will do. I adore cream horns! (and despise sticking my hand in the sink with floating bits as well...)

cailen ascher said...

i hate cleaning out the drain. that's my least favorite part of the whole dish-washing thing. ugh. gross.

on a different note, cream horns?! yes, please.

ps i'm your newest follower : )