Thursday, March 24, 2011

thought i was gonna have to give google...


first off, i have been slightly annoyed since 2009 that i had no way to link my blogger log-in/old email address to my new email address.

then i go last night to check in with what all of you are doing...and it tells me I CANNOT ACCESS MY OWN ACCOUNT.

had to wait for some BS text message number code, and then change my password.


but anyhoo, clearly i am back...and now, i am annoyed. which's time for a list of things annoying me.

1. the new old navy commercials. an obnoxious song about your ankles, or spelling cute, or being a layer player does NOT make me want to shop at your store.

2. the fact that my shoes i ordered SATURDAY are supposed to be here MONDAY. umm, should not take a week to get from indiana to georgia. it wouldn't take that long to drive myself to your indiana target and get them myself!!

3. the orkin man is coming today. he's a nice enough little dude i guess..but HE. IS. WEIRD. last time, he made up a baby that we apparently had without our knowledge. and asked about it. and kept insisting he thought we had NO dude.

4. the red cross keeps calling me about donating blood. I GET IT, THERE'S A SHORTAGE. but there's always a shortage. and you know what? having bumbling call center people call me and clearly read from a script at 7:30 at night? NOT the way to get me to offer up a vein yo.

my current bright spot is that there is a new angry birds game to play, and it was free for my droid...angry birds rio is the bomb =)

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GoodnessGraces said...

There is an easy way to link your google accounts. I've had to do this with my old gmail addresses. Go to your main account and click the gear looking thing at the top right and open mail settings. Go to the accounts and import tab. About halfway down it says add POP3 account (you can add most any account, but I find Gmail works best for some reason) Once you enter all of the info, log out and log into your old account and confirm that you want to forward your mail. You will then be good to go.

Note it isn't real time - sometimes it comes about an hr later, but once you add the account in that same place you can go and force it to check mail immediately if needed.

Does this make sense? Hope it helps. If not let me know.