Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i need some major arm candy

i'm not talking arm candy of the handsome gentleman variety...cuz i kinda have that with my handsome husband.

(although, let's be real...if one joshua jackson was throwin' his game at me...i wouldn't say no. AT ALL)

i'm talking about the kind that makes you feel girly or tough or brings your whole outfit together.

i'm talking bracelets.

like these gorgeos gems i saw in the latest issue of people stylewatch. and $24 each isn't too bad....unless you want like ALL of them like i do. definitely hoping the hubs too my not so subtle hint these would make a great "just because you're my awesome wife and i love you" present. you can get your own here.

and for a little cheaper option, this whole set from forever 21 is less than $10. and once again, my lack of a F21 near me makes me sad...BUT a cousin says she'll pick them up for me if i want, and bring them to our family reunion next month.

oh, and will most DEFINITELY be hitting up the hobby lobby for the supplies for this beauty. this tutorial from studs and pearls seems pretty easy to follow...but i can't decide if i want black, or white...or some fun color!

cuz i've already made this one with nuts and twine...and i want more of these too!!


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

girl! you made that? i love love love it. i need to get on that sh*t. and i kinda prefer the F21 bracelet. does that mean i have cheap-o taste? hahahh!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I am really digging that first bunch of bangles...nice!

KLaw said...

Girl, you are crafty! All of those are amazing though!