Tuesday, October 5, 2010

an ode to harvest deliciousness

dear mallowcreme pumpkins,

you are my most favoritest fall treat.

seriously, you blow those sour apple/caramel lollipops out of the water...and that whole "pumpkin spice latte" biznass? not a chance it will take away my love for you.

your label says "made with honey", and even has a little beehive....but i don't know if that's honey i love. it's just sweet, orangey goodness.

i love how you turn my tongue pink, NOT orange. it's nice of you.

also, i like that you come in GIGANTIC bags...no little servings for this girl. also, you're sturdy....i can throw a few of you in the little pocket in my purse, for snacks throughout the day. and ignore everyone who's judging us right now....they don't understand our love.

i'm real glad i waited until this weekend to reignite the flame of our love....mostly because if i had indulged when i first saw you gleaming on the store shelves a few weeks ago...i'd already be on bag 2. or 3.

so, let's keep this romance going shall we? at least until thanksgiving...


p.s. don't let candy corn talk smack, you are SO. MUCH. BETTER. than those bitches. and really ignore the "harvest" corn, they suck.

p.p.s. i only cheat on you with circus peanuts when i HAVE to. like springtime.


Salt said...

Let me just tell you. The picture of those pumpkins came up in my reader and I got SO EXCITED because they are my favorite favorite favorite treat this time of year. I always have at least two bags in my cupboard. My husband hates them, which is good because that means more for me.

Jennifer said...

That freakin' cracks me up!
Those have always been my favorite around this time too - thanks for making me crave them and have to run to target during lunch :)
no hard feelings though

Amber said...

I am seriously dieing over here LOL That was the best post I have read in awhile.

I love mallowcream/mallowcreme (how do you spell that?) pumpkins. Them and caramel apple suckers...

bananas. said...

oh lady i wish i could share the love but those things make me puke just looking at them. blechh!!!

i don't think i like any fall related foods really...pumpkin spice...barf! apple cinnamon...gag me with a spoon! candy corn...takes like plastic! yuck!!!

so yea...it must be me.

pearls said...

OH MY !! i forgot all about those candies!! I'm new to your blog and now so thankful..... these are my favorite (well i guess not THAT favorite if i forgot all about them) LOL :)

Sarah Wyland said...

I love these!

For some strange reason, it really makes me want a Pumpkin Spice latte!