Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wish i had swagger like this

i feel like i need to apologize ahead of time for this one...

not because it's not outstanding, because it SO IS, but because should you watch the video below....this song will be in your head FOR DAYS.

don't say i didn't warn you....and behold the awesomeness of the youngest smith sibling.

willow girl, you are FLY. i love your song. i love that you, at nine years old, have a total sense of who you are and how you wanna dress and be.

plus, you're just whipping your hair...not acting a fool and being slutty, which i appreciate. kickin' high-tops and crazy hair i can get on board with....forgetting your underpants i cannot (i'm looking at you britney and lindsay).

plus, i kinda love your dad. he was totally awesome on the fresh prince, where HELLO he met your mama! i spent a good part of the late 90's gettin' jiggy with it...and i love watching him beat up that alien in the desert every time i watch independence day.

your brothers seem pretty cool....they're real cute too. but you girl....you bring it.

so keep it up, cuz i am loving these beats. and the paint flinging hair thing...that's pretty sweet too.

also, we BOTH know you screw up and act a little too whorey....jada will NOT be pleased. and we know she's the regulator in the smith house.


wants to whip her hair. but afraid she might throw her neck out.


mrs.mfc said...

Oh my! That wasn't what I was expecting at all! She is so CUTE!

Jagged Little Life said...

Haha I posted about this yesterday! Can you believe she is only 9 years old!! She is so beautiful!


Kelsey712 said...

wow, I'm actually pretty impressed. I was skeptical (not gonna lie) but she's pretty awesome...

bananas. said...

okay you need to meet my good friend holly. she's obsessed with this song. me, notsomuch. as much as i love the smith family, this little willow chick confuses me. and the song? gah. can't stand it.

BUT...that might changes. we will see.

Salt said...

Her voice is really amazing, but I cannot stand the hook in that song. It's like nails on a chalkboard. She's seriously talented though. :)