Thursday, October 7, 2010

my fingers look like space

cuz right now, i'm rocking the above look, except mine is over OPI's "lincoln park after dark", so it's sorta like fashion-y space, what with the dark purple and all.

yes, it's time to admit...i'm a sparkle polish FIEND. i can remember rocking holographic rectangular glitter polish from maybelline i think back in high school.

if it looks like it belongs in a drag queen show, i want it on my fingers.
take this beauty, the apparently much-coveted OPI "mad as a hatter" polish from the small alice in wonderland collection.

i just bought it cuz it looked awesome. it's also a BITCH to get off my nails....but it's a price i'll pay for sparkle. (anyone got any secrets for getting this stuff off, without a belt sander?!)

and when it comes to sparkles and drag queens, NOTHING beats a little movie tie-in, featuring cher and xtina.
that's right, apparently this winter, instead of the usual holiday OPI collection, they're doing a collection that ties in with the release of "Burlesque".

and i am basically dying.

because it's SIX obnoxious glitter polishes (plus 6 more, but i only have my eye on 1 of those i think...and it's hot pink with hot pink glitter. told you i had a problem.)

if you wanna see all the swatches, Scrangie did an awesome job of it...and it's soooo....muchhhh....sparkllleeeeeee

so, i'm anxiously awaiting november 2nd when this bad boy collection debuts....cuz i neeeeeds it.

like....well, like a drag queen needs glitter. i AM 5'10" after all....


Amber said...

Your posts crack me up...the drag queen comment had me rolling!

Salt said...

So sparkly and pretty! You have the best taste in nail polish colors, friend. :)

row said...

i love nail polish all together. basically any color, i'll rock. right now i'm sporting "emerald city" green on some fingers and "dandelion yellow" on others. *swoon* i love nail polish. especially when it says OPI on the bottle.

happy nail painting!!

KatherineBee said...

The best thing I've found are those little nail polish remover pots with the sponge inside that you stick your fingers in - that's the only thing I've found that gets the stuff of. I love me some sparkles!

bananas. said...

is that the little dipper i see?! bahahaha! space crack me up!