Wednesday, October 13, 2010

they'll never pick me out of the crowd

i have a to-do list full of things like packing and running errands today...because come tomorrow morning, i'm headed to FL for a jam-packed wedding weekend!!

p.s. when your hubs commutes 100 miles every morning, and he has to drop you off at the have to wake up at FIVE A-M. major planning fail.

anyhoo, this isn't just any plain old wedding....this will be quite the fancy affair.
and i will totally be katherine heigl in 27 dresses.

that's right...this girl is going full-on bollywood as a bridesmaid in an indian wedding =)

i'm pretty freaking excited, and my super awesome sari is chillaxin upstairs, waited to be packed up and put on saturday.

and yes, i will TOTALLY be the whitest girl there. i've already warned the bride she's gonna have such a hard time finding me in the sea of all her relatives (and i may or may not already be mentally preparing for coming home a solid 20 lbs heavier, just from food. and cake of course....cuz i'm a wedding cake FIEND).

BUT....i've gotta figure out what to do with my 'do.

normally, i just got standard knotted updo for weddings....nothing super fancy, just something to look dressy and nice in pictures.

BUT since this is an indian wedding, and it's beachside...i was thinking something a little different...but i want your opinions.
option 1 is a la miss natalie...who i am totally obsessed with. i love the curls in it, so it doesn't look too "done"...but it still looks pretty and formal-ish.
option 2 is a little more modern, and a little more un-done when it comes to updos. my hair is almost the same color as emma's right now, and i'm DEFINITELY pale like she it's kinda like seeing the hair on myself. except she's way hotter. and jonah hill has never tried to make out with me.

do you think #2 is dressy enough for the occasion? since the wedding is by the beach, i figure it'll be breezy...and with my fine hair, the messier might camouflage any whispies that make their way out of my hair when the wind blows.

help me get my hair hot!


Salt said...

I think Emma's hair is definitely dressy enough for a beach wedding. I LOVE that you get to wear a pretty sari! I can't wait to see your pics.

Tasha King said...

indian weddings i have seen hairdos in a pretty bun updo with the part in the middle of the hairline, very classy it hink

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Emma's look. Really, your hair is her color? I am super jealous...I'd love that color! Mine is a little brighter, got more orange in it. :(

bananas. said...

i'm seeing that hairdo a lot in weddings. it's the tendrils...but i dunno. i might be over it. don't hate me!

but the indian wedding get-up is faboo. can't wait to see you in that.