Monday, October 25, 2010

someone has had TOO many cocktail times

if you love some food network like i do....chances are, you have "enjoyed", also known as "watched in horror and mocked" the lovely kitchen wizard known as sandra lee.

she makes "truffles" out of cake frosting...and every show ends with cocktail time, and a tablescape that will literally set your retinas on fire. or make you question your sanity. or usually both.

well, today was her annual halloween episode...and let me tell you, aunt sandy did NOT disappoint.

first off...she's at the renaissance fair. which, to be clear, is NOT about halloween....but just dressing up all the time. as a knight or a wench or something crazy. she starts as maid marion, of robin hood fame....sure, i can get on board with that. you're in the woods sandra, no big....

but then, came the engine of the crazy train, bound for sandra town...


does it not look like her hair is trying to consume her skull?? or escape its evil clutches and run away??

true story...she claims this costume is "queen of the fairies". sure sandy....if that's what the voices tell you.

also, LOVE the toilet paper in the background...apparently those sherwood forest parties get CRAAAAZY late night....who needs actual decorations when you can just TP a tree?

if you're wondering what delicious, or psychotic creation she's working's cheesecake slices. drizzled with white chocolate. and then COVERED IN EDIBLE GLITTER OR PEARLS OR SILVER BALLS. cuz that's how the fairies roll you know.

oh yeah, and instead of being on a stick....the cheesecakes had a stick with a giant white feather attached. literally, this woman has issues.

and in case you want a "queen of the fairies" cocktail for a little sandra channeling of your ya go.
  • 2 shots half-and-half
  • 2 shots vanilla vodka
  • 2 shots white chocolate liqueur
  • 1/2 shot hazelnut liqueur
garnish with a side of STRAIGHT UP LOONEY TUNES.


Amy Lynn said...

hahahaha, I can't stand her!!!

Salt said...

Woah. That was on Food Network? And not like...some rando cable access station at 3am? WTF is up with her head?

I'm sad I missed this.

MrsSouthernBelle said...

HAHA this had me laughing outloud!

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

Why do her cocktails always contain copious amounts of dairy products? That sounds flat out dis.gus.ting. And like 4000 calories. I guess calories don't matter when your a magical fairy princess.
She is so awful.

bananas. said...

never watched her show.

and now...i never will! haha.

Sailboats and Seersucker said...

Ughh I absolutely can't stand/handle her show!! Her tablescapes are absolutely horrific, and I hate how a different color is coating her kitchen every episode and she always has an outfit to match! I don't know why she still has that show because it's badddd, and for some reason it makes me unnecessarily angry and annoyed hahaha!

Mrs. Smith said...

haha I saw this one too and could think of nothing but the word "nutjob."