Tuesday, October 19, 2010

who's the david letterman of india?

alright kids, i'm back to the "grind"...or the "sitting at home with the dogs trying not to spend all our money".....

anyhoo, everyone knows the BEST way to recap a madcap wedding weekend is with a top ten list.

a little list i like to call....WHY EVERYONE NEEDS AN INDIAN BFF.

10. indian weddings aren't one night. they're like a week of events. so if you're in said wedding....you get to party for DAYS.

9. the mehndi is pretty freaking sweet. even if it means keeping your hands still for an extended amount of time.

8. the food. sweet lord, the food. more delicious appetizers and spicy sauces and naan until you die....AMAZING.

7. also....open bar = amazing. wine hangovers suck....but whiskey ones make me feel like a hug from unicorn or something

6. maybe it's just my friend's family....but we learned indian families are SO welcoming!! we made friends, we chatted, we bonded...it was great.

5. wearing a bindi and NOT looking vintage gwen stefani.

4. the music is totally different from what i'm used to...and totally awesome.

3. the more bangles and sparkles, the better. UP MY ALLEY YO.

2. THE CLOTHES ARE AMAZING. for realz....saris kick bridesmaid dresses in the face. it's like the fanciest, most comfortable pj's on earth.

1. if you can talk your indian friend into getting married the weekend of your first anniversary, it's like a party for you too!!!!

basically, my friend and i are trying to figure out how to scam our way into another indian wedding, because we love them.

anyone else been to/been in a different kind of wedding?

*disclaimer for any douches who might flame me for this total generalization of a post....yes, i KNOW there are traditions behind all these parties, and serious religious tenants at the ceremonies...and that stuff was awesome too. but that's kind of the backbone of ANY wedding...i wanted to highlight the extra awesome. so shut it.


Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Please color me jealous that I have been named "an honorary brownie" by Indian friends but have never worn a sari!!!!

bananas. said...

hayley! you look freaking AWESOME!!!!

i have refused to be in any more weddings but if one of my indian friends (they're all male hmmm) get married and invite me to be part of the wedding party i will jump at the chance purely because of this. your post. your pictures. and those PANTS!!! so cute!!!