Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 pedals is 50% more than 2 pedals...

i'll be the first to admit...i kinda don't like my car.

and my don't like...i mean i'm tired of the locks not working right, the air turning itself off, the fact that i have 2 working speakers, NOT 4...and it's got manual windows. MANUAL WINDOWS. in 2010. honest to goodness...it drives me batty.

but for right now...it works. BUT the hubs and i are working on a plan to trade mine in for a more fuel-efficient car for him and his epic commute...
cuz see this?? this is his car. his beloved rosalyn. who is now ALL his, after we finished paying it off earlier this year. BUT when you're putting 204 miles on a car EVERY DAY, a mustang ain't exactly the greenest vehicle on earth.

but the problem with her, while she is pretty and fun...is that she's a 5 speed. which means if the hubs gets a different car to drive...i've got this.


soooo.....the hubs decided to teach me today.

cue the terrifying music, i know i was hearing some in my head!!!
see, i'm used to THAT side of the car....willing passenger, navigator, and obviously...controller of the tunes.

but today...i was on the left side.

after some explanations from the hubs, and a stall out or 2....i was totally getting it!! i was like a total stick-shift rock star, wind in my hair with the top down, mirrored aviators on, doing my thang.

except i only got to 2nd gear. in a parking lot. going around in circles, and parking.

BUT i didn't kill us, and the hubs said i was way better than he expected, AND i didn't give him whiplash once. score one for the redhead yo.

all that clutch pushing is HARD. i did not expect quite so much to think about....

i won't lie....i'm a little skerred about actually going on the street. which is apparently lesson numero dos...in our neighborhood.

but i cannot WAIT to get good, so when it cools off a little i can drive my pretty little self around, blasting some sweet music and singing along and HOPEFULLY not being a total freakshow.

but the most important question....

do i "accidentally" aim for the peeps down the street who i SWEAR UP AND DOWN were burning a couch in the front yard over the weekend??


Amber said...

hahahahaha....you crack me up!

"Accidents" happen. But if its premeditated, just make it look like an accident :)

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Stick is fabulous. I still yearn to drive a stick again from time to time. *Sigh* Memories. Great work!

PS - You WILL stall out at a red light. Try not to die of embarrassment and make no eye contact.

Claire Kiefer said...

Man, I've tried to learn a stick so many times, and I've gotten to where I can manage to roll down the street, but I'd never trust myself on the open road! Good luck--sending you all the patience & skill I can muster! ;)