Friday, October 29, 2010

in the spirit(s) of the season

happy friday ya'll!!!

so, the hubs and i have no big plans for halloween....tomorrow is our close friend's birthday, and since he wants to grill out and hang at home...we're doing that. instead of heading out n the town for a night of costumed craziness.

also, my town has decided that kids are trick-or-treating tomorrow night instead of sunday. so we won't even be home to hand out candy. maybe when i'm a parent i'll understand this...but from my end, it seems crazy. usually, trick-or-treating is over by 9 anyways, right?? so it's not like your little ones are losing that much sleep. plus, there will be less adult-aged crazies out on sunday.

ANYHOO....i figured in honor of halloween....i'd take a little trip down jack-o-lantern memory lane.

aww, the first pumpkins we ever carved together, circa 2007! this was outside our townhouse we rented...and the year i learned i have a freakish talent for scooping the guts out of pumpkins. seriously...i rule.

mine's on the right, nate is on the left.

the first pumpkins at our house, in 2008. note how mine, on the left, has eyelashes and everything. she's girly and pretty =)

sadly, we had to skip last year, since we got back from our honeymoon 4 days before we were just trying to get back into the groove.

and here they are this year!! we carved sunday...then it stormed monday and rained tuesday they sat inside for a few days and kinda...wilted.

like see how their teeth look curved in like little old people??

do you carve pumpkins? also...did you know you can use a rotary tool like a dremel and knock out that carving super fast?? the hubs teaches me something semi-useful every day...



KLaw said...

Aww! Great pumpkins! I love the classic faces on them instead of all the random weird shit.

bananas. said...

your halloween spirit is admirable and makes me smile big :)