Monday, October 11, 2010

single lady shenanigans

6 days from today is my 1 year anniversary. one year since i got legally binding documents saying the hubs has to put up with my crazy =)

and so...i figured you might want a little inside look at our big day...

and if you don't care...well, there's lots of pretty pictures!!

i spent the night before my wedding at a hotel with my best friends and my little sis. best idea ever.
of course, we started the night with champagne!! and yes...we're watching QVC in the background., they were selling fake bangs. and there was a moment after a few sips of champ that we ALMOST ordered some. just for kicks.

but girls can't camp out in a hotel room all night....or at least my friends can't.

so, what began as a simple celebration of my last night of singlehood turned into one of the most ridiculous things i've ever done.
and it started with THIS button.

you know in hotels how one elevator has 2 doors?? we HAD to see what was behind the rear door.

was it a secret CIA lair? a breakroom for disgruntled employees? an underground rave??

sadly's the housekeeping storeroom. where they keep everything on their little carts....pillows, sheets, and ALL the toiletries you could ever want.

so, of COURSE that means a late-night photo shoot.
it's also pitch-black dark in there...and we didn't want to turn the light on. so we relied on our cell phone lights, plus the camera flash to spend about 10 minutes acting absolutely ridiculous, taking pics and giggling...and maybe, just MAYBE swiping some stuff.
you mean you've never gotten pocketfuls of shampoo and instant coffee and shower caps on a midnight recon mission??

okay..maybe you haven't. but you ought to.

i have no idea whether to blame our craziness on the bubbly, or adrenaline about the next day, or whatever....but while it was a little childish and stupid, our heist also kept me from getting nervous about the wedding...and i slept like a ROCK that night, and woke up totally ready on saturday morning!!

anyone else have some rehearsal night tomfoolery?


Salt said...

Not too much tomfoolery on rehearsal night for us. Definitely no heisting of hotel freebies! You guys are hilarious!

pearls said...

OH YES!!! tons of "tom foolery" sometimes i think i had more fun at the rehearsal dinner than the wedding.... less stress than the wedding day and tons of fun!! your story cracked me up