Monday, November 1, 2010

you haven't lived until you've pulled out a nub

do you have one of those friends that every random thing that could possibly happen, happens to? like...she doesn't trip over a crack in the sidewalk, she almost falls down the stairs because her foot gets caught in the bottom of her pajama pants. or instead of getting a flat tire....a bolt shoots through her radiatir and blows a giant hole in it.


no lie...if you hear something and think "no way that actually happens to real people" will probably eventually happen to me. i don't know why...but it is what it is.

and on friday, the universe gave me a shining example of how awesome i am, and how random things happen ONLY to me.

i'll set the and i are going to get lunch, then go to a craft show in town. we get to the restaurant, ready to fill our bellies, and i turn the car off.

then i pull the key out of the ignition.

and this is all that comes out.
that my friends, IS THE NUB OF A KEY. the rest of that particular piece of metal was still in my ignition.

let that soak in....IN THE IGNITION. now, you might know someone who's had a key break in a door...i know i do. but breaking off in the ignition? nope...that's a strictly hayley brand of awesomeness.

i had NO idea what to we went to eat and brainstorm. these nice men in the restaurant offered to try and help us...but they could only get the dash popped off, not get the nub out.

luckily, daddy called this guy he works with a lot for locks and keys and stuff, and this old guy lets us borrow this teeeeeeensy little piece of metal, like a drill bit but miniscule.

i totally thought it was gonna be total crap....but it worked!! it totally worked!! dad put the piece of metal next to the key, pulled it out and out popped the nub!!

luckily i had a spare key....after the hubs made me carry one in my wallet when i locked my keys in my car twice in 3 weeks earlier this year.

like i said...i am a lot of awesome.


pearls said...

true story that has happened to me once before its a total NIGHTMARE !! glad you got it out.... your story totally cracked me up... flashback for me!!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

That is terrible! Glad the amazing drill bit worked!

bananas. said...

you have a nubbin...ahhh hahahahahaha!!! sorry i know i shouldn't laugh. glad everything worked.