Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is why i need a stylist. or more money.

because i am IN AWE of how amazing carrie underwood always looks....and i wanna be just like her. except i like my hubs better than her hockey-playing man...even though they are PRECIOUS together.
last night, she handed him her SO CUTE purse when she won at the CMT awards last night. and that dress?! that purse?! those shoes?! i want the whole damn thing. i love her.

so ladies...i need YOU to be my stylist today. next week, i have a meeting for a fundraising event i'm helping with...i've never done something like this, and the only reason i'm on the committee is because the president of the chamber of commerce raising the funds is a close friend, and i kept telling him i wanted to he made it official.

the meeting is at their home, nothing super formal and fancy...but you know me. i wanna look awesome. cuz that's how i roll. plus, getting toward the end of my work tenure...i wanna rock out all my dressier stuff before i'm sitting home crafting and have no reason to!!

so i'm thinking this dress, with my khaki blazer i rock with the sleeves rolled up, and a long multiple strand of pearls/crystals. the sleeves have a little blue and white stripe you can see with it rolled my question is, will these shoes match?

my beloved kate spades. that have been worn twice in their gorgeous little lives. does the blue give a little pop with the orange and the neutral of the blazer/necklace? or too much?


Salt said...

I LOVE blue and orange together. I say rock the hell out of it!

And Carrie's is a closet that I wish I could raid. Not like we're the same size or anything.

KLaw said...

Okay, you TOTALLY have to rock those blue shoes. That's going to be ridiculously fabulous! I wanna be Carrie too. She's too cute for words.

Freck said...

Omg I LOVE this idea! It sounds like it rocks! Do a cute low chignon and you're going to be rockin' girl.

Love this, too: "i wanna look awesome. cuz that's how i roll."