Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so fresh and so clean

i'll admit...i didn't have perfect teeth growing up. went through an expansion device for my top teeth (since my jaw was too small for my teeth) and then permanent retainers, bands around my molars, etc. got a root canal my senior year in high school ( a surprise one...mom called and checked me out, and then i HAD TO GO BACK TO CLASS). also had invisalign when i was about 23, and it totally straightened everything out.

see, those pearly whites came at a price!!!

my mom is a dental hygenist...so i've ALWAYS been a teeth brusher. i can;t NOT brush them...i don't think i've ever gone to bed without doing it. you know how some folks love greasy food the morning after a night of drinking? all i want to do is BRUSH. MY. TEETH.

if i could keep my mouth feeling the way it does right after a good brush...i would. so minty, so clean, so awesome.

so i'm always on the hunt for a deliciously minty toothpaste...the kind you can feel when you breathe through your nose. the minty that just sticks around and makes you KNOW your teeth are clean.

true story - i used to keep a travel tube of toothpaste in my car, and i'd put some on my finger and rub it on my front teeth INSTEAD OF JUST KEEPING GUM OR MINTS. so weird.

and i officially have a new fave.

omg, this is THE BEST STUFF EVER. soooooo minty. plus, it whitens. plus, it's got a TWIST OFF TOP, which is so old-school i can't even stand how much i love it.

plus, it's kind of mouthwash-y...but not. cuz that ish is kinda gross.

i've used it twice, and i literally wish i could go home and brush my teeth right now.

see?! thumbs up from freshly showered, teeth-brushing hayley.

and yes, clearly i have NO SHAME for posting this photo of myself sans any makeup, with a towel on my head.


Jennifer said...

That is my absolute favorite toothpaste as well!
The first time I used it I made my guy come in the bathroom and use it right then. We both ooo'd and ahhh'd over it

Salt said...

I have never tried it, but wouldn't you know that we just ran out of toothpaste and I have to go to the store for more today?

I'm on it!

And I am jealous of that perfect smile, lady!

And also my word verification was "peefunt", which made me laugh uncontrollably. Just thought I'd share.

Erin said...

I loooove your pishure! You are cute as mess. I'll have to check out the Crest Outlast.

MrsSouthernBelle said...

LOVE the pic!

Kristen Marie@ Blissfully Insane said...

No shame here!! hmmm yum, minty!!

Anonymous said...