Monday, June 28, 2010

hola from the unemployment line!

okay, not ACTUALLY in the unemployment line....apparently, they don't pay you the monies when you leave your job by choice. bummer. that i'm 3 days into my sabatical (that totally sounds better than my "sitting at home and being lame" excursion, right?) its starting to feel like an actual out of work thing, instead of a long weekend.

so, what is this girl doing when she's not at work?

* broke a fight between my a WICKED bruise on my bicep from trying to keep them from eating each other's faces. clearly...not ready for kids.

* been shopping with mom, and she decided to buy me some stuff!! WOOOO!! guess she knows it's buy me clothes, or have me turn to dancing for money (j/k. don't think the girls are big enough for that).

*crafting. although....technically just finishing stuff i've had half-done for weeks....and i have learned, while mod podge rocks...i CANNOT KEEP THE BUBBLES AWAY!!!!! grrrrrr. maybe it's not drying long enough before the top coat? i got no clue...but seeing as how i'm currently making magnet boards from dollar store pizza pans...i figure i can make a mistake or 2.

*trying NOT to snack myself into oblivion. cuz unemployed = okay. fat = okay. both = too much for my fragile psyche to handle.

and of COURSE, i've been reading blogs like a mofo. promise...i'll be around with some more entertaining biznass than this...and maybe some eatly afternoon crazy girl ramblings, when i start losing my grasp on not-crazy.


The Pink Chick said...

I have been away from the blogging world for a little while, and I had no idea you decided to quit your job. Enjoy your down time! I want to see pics of these crafts!

Salt said...

You are never too old to enjoy moms buying you stuff. :)

It sounds like you are being very productive during your time off. Take some pics of your crafting madness!

Charlotte said...

Enjoy your sabbatical!!! Catch up on some reading and some rays!!

bananas. said...

i'm seething with jealousy! you don't know how bad i want to be at home doing absolutely nothing for the next few months. i'm over work. it's overrated.

enjoy your time off ladycakes!

missgeorgiapeach said...

And you get to run all of hubby's Have fun!

jen.nemeth said...

You'll have to show us some of your crafts! Crafting is one thing I've been trying to pick up but just can't get the hang of! Enjoy the time off! I just started working at a local summer camp yesterday and I'm already missing my free time that was spent relaxing!

a.p. said...

oh i so understand how you feel. i was like that for about a year and a half. now i'm in school and i feel like its controling my life! i want to go back to doing nothing!!! :)